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Saa-jeet back to square one

Saa-jeet, the Love-Slave eventually ate his words when he decided against going for a vote for the Green leadership. Though the Reformists originally demanded even a secret ballot to make Love-Slave the new leader, they got adverse news at the last minute and evaded voting.

Renewed ties prove a damper

As fate would have it, it was a one horse race for the ‘ever-Green’ Ra-Blue who was unanimously reappointed as the Green leader on the eve of his birthday.

Many close buddies of Love-Slave in the Reformist group, including Kind-Siri, are now trying to rekindle their friendship with the leader. However, Ra-Blue says he would only respect his true friends who stood by him when the going was tough.

Ra-Blue holds a straight bat

A jubilant Ra-Blue hosted his 62nd birthday party at a five-star hotel, on the following day after he won the leadership battle. “When are you going to topple the Government,” an eager Retired Big Lady questioned. “This is not the time to discuss those matters,” Ra-Blue was heard to say.

Love - Slave left in the lurch

What happened to Love-Slave’s frequent visitors who supported him during his unsuccessful leadership battle? Crestfallen that he is being gradually isolated, he has sought treatment for stress and other ailments. Even the doctor had advised him to stay cool and not be overambitious.



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