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Dull-Angeli threatens security men

Saa-jeet the Love-Slave's sister - Dull-Angeli took on security personnel when they said that she had to undergo a security check before entering the Premadasa Stadium for the World Cup quarter final match. "Had it not been for my late father there wouldn't have been any cricket played here!" she had threatened.

Glimpse of 1989-93 era

When she entered the VIP reserved area later, Dull-Angeli forcibly perched herself on seats reserved for parliamentarians. When the security personnel on duty politely brought this to her notice, she retorted saying "You fools are asking me to sit on the floor?" People could now well imagine the 1989-93 Love-Slave era that Saa'jeet has been gloating over.

Captain Fool slings mud

When the foreign media interviewed former World Cup winning captains to seek their views on the teams at the World Cup, Captain Fool exploited the opportunity to project his political agenda and sling mud on the country. Imran Khan, despite being a leader in an Opposition political party, showed his gentleman qualities by supporting his country but Captain Fool does otherwise.

Ka-Roo capitalises on cricket

Ka-Roo Victory-suriya felt that he should use the World Cup fever to score some points over his leader Ra-Blue and new challenger to deputy leadership Saa-Jeet. Hence, Ka-Roo got his media men to issue a statement extending support to the cricket team though he did not know head or tail about cricket.


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