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Greens take to tennis and swimming

A swimming pool and a tennis court will be constructed at the premises of Kotha that is Siri on Ra-Blue's instructions. His loyalists say that this was a move to corner the Reformists led by Saa-Jeet, the Love-Slave, who are known to socialise less without any Colombo 7 links.

Sun Kind-Leader consolidates position

Sun Kind-Leader is consolidating his position in the Elephant Party after he was elected organiser that is national. Knowing only too well the powers that are associated with the new post to command district level, even some of the Reformists are making an attempt to open a dialogue with Kind-Leader.

Ra-Blue deploys spies

Love-Slave has begun to understand who his real friends are. Two of the well-known Reformists have now been found guilty of establishing secret links with Ra-Blue while pretending to be ardent supporters of Love-Slave. At the beginning poor Love-Slave was unaware of the motives of the Gree Em Pees who had been deployed by Ra-Blue as spies.

Soome's leadership challenged

The Bell Boys are in a crisis over the party leadership. However, they have unanimously decided to avoid washing dirty linen in public as the Greens do. "If you have problem with my leadership, please discus it within the party," ageing Soome, the One-Sa told a closed door meeting that is politburo.



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