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Four Dutch Tamils directly linked to LTTE – Prosecutor

Four Dutch men of Sri Lankan origin who were arrested in Amsterdam last year had direct links with the LTTE, Dutch prosecutors said yesterday.

The LTTE has been listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU since 2006.

The four Tamils who are currently on trial in the Netherlands, are accused of extorting money from other Dutch Tamils.

At the trial in The Hague, the prosecutor said the four men were also charged for organising illegal lotteries (with all proceeds going to the LTTE) and for being a member of a criminal and terrorist organisation.

The four suspects who appeared in court are said to have registered all Tamil families living in the Netherlands, including details on who is paying money to the LTTE and who isn’t.

Those who do pay money are often forced into doing so, according to the prosecutor. The prosecutor stressed the fact that the Tigers “are a violent and ruthless” organisation, who fought a war with the Sri Lankan government with bomb attacks and other forms of serious violence, while recruiting and deploying child soldiers.

Around 10,000 of the Tamil diaspora currently live in the Netherlands.

- Radio Netherlands


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