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False promises not necessary at LG election – Minister Devananda

Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda told his party supporters in the Pachchilaipalli Divisional Secretariat Division administrative area in Kilinochchi that it was not necessary to give false promises to the public at Local Government Elections, but the freedom enjoyed by all as a result of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government defeating the 30-year terrorism was sufficient to vote in favour of the Government. Also, it was imperative to select government representatives to take forward the development work now in progress, the Minister said.

It was necessary to forget our bitter past and join the Government in its re-building process, he said. He also said the TNA was not willing to support the ongoing development work, but was still adhering to ‘Blood letting’ which the people would never condone.

The Minister went on to say that as the TNA is rejected by most people its proposals for a political solution too would not be supported by many. The political solution that he had already presented would be accepted by the Government and a political solution would soon be arrived at based on his proposals, he said.

The Minister also said that when the President opened the Kokavil transmission tower, he requested the setting up of an Agriculture Faculty for the Jaffna University in Kilinochchi.

The President had willingly accepted it and assured that it would be set up in Kilinochchi soon. Similarly, the President had agreed to grant a political solution based on his proposal, he said.

The Minister said 10,000 bicycles at 5,000 per district would be distributed among the needy in Kilinochchi and Jaffna. One hundred and fifty people would receive Rs.5,000 each for the commencement of small industries. Commenting on detainees, the Minister said the process of releasing the rehabilitated detainees had now begun and everyone would be released soon.


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