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Army's Elec. and Mech.Engineers fourth time champs

CYCLING: The Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) once again turned up trumps at the Inter-Unit Cycling Championships of the Sri Lanka Army. This was the fourth consecutive year that the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have won the Championship. The meet was held at the Viharamahadevi Park Circuit.

Luxman Wijeratne - Sri Lanka's Asian Games representative along with Dilipa Prabath and Gayan Kumara who had won many national events for the Army and the Sri Lanka Army team too did well in winning the Defence Services Road Race.

Standard Cycle Race 10 cyclists finished in a close finish (There were 75 cyclists who participated in the event). 1. Pvt. W.T.J. Fernando (SLEME), 2. Pvt. R.P.S. Chathuranga (SLEME), 3. Pvt R.A.S. Ranasinghe (SLOC).

Standard Womens Race SLWS: 1. CPL N.E. Pushparani, (SLAWC) 2. Pvt G.P. Ambagahawatte (SLAW), 3. Pvt K.I. Nanayakkara.

Racing Class (Men): 1. Pvt U.D. Prabath (SLEME), 2. Pvt B.J. Karunaratne (SLOC), 3. Pvt. R.M.G.D. Sisira Kumara (SLAC). (This was the fastest event for the day and there was a tight finish).

20 Km Individual Time Trial: 1. L/CPL Laxman Wijeratne (SLEME), 2. Pvt Gayan Kumara (SLEME), 3. Pvt. B.G.K. Karunaratne (SLOC). (It was a creditable performance by Wijeratne and all the cyclists gave a good performance). 40 Km Individual Time Trial: 1. Pvt. Asanka Pradeep (MI-SLOC), 2. Pvt. Gayan Kumara (KPR - SLEME), 3. Pvt. K.D.R. Silva (SLL). (It was a creditable performance and Pradeep has come a long way in Defence Services cycling).

Individual Time Trial (Women): 1. Pvt. T.P. Ambagahawatte (SLAWS). 2. Pvt. A.A.S.K. Senaviratne (SLAWC), 3. Pvt. W.S.P.D.A (SLAWC).

Veterans" - Ex Servicemen with in-Servicemen-over 45 years): 1. L/Cpl - Ajith Shantha K.V. (SLEME), 2. Cpl. M. A.J. Silva, 3. Sgt. U.W.A. Rathnasiri (SLAC). An interesting point to remember in this event is the fact that Anthony Symons who was over 68 years of age, finished the course and it was considered to be a good performance.

Event for disabled: 1. Pvt. W.J. Pushpakumara (SLLI), 2. Cpt. K.P.D.A. Nishantha (SLLI), 3. Cpt. Saman Kumara (SLLI).Team Time Trial (Men) 40 Km: 1. (SLEME) - Headed by L/C Luxman Wijeratne. CPN Gayan Kumara, CPN Dileepa Prabath, CFN Sanath Jayasinghe. 2. SLOC Team, 3. SLAES Team.


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