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Government Gazette

Compassionate justice for peace, prosperity and development

Justice is synonymous with fair play, reasonableness and compassion. Utilitarianism is a form of justice justified by the ability to achieve future social benefits resulted in crime reduction and retributive justice is in response crime proven by lawful evidence so that punishment justly imposed.

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Free to live as citizens of Sri Lanka:

Tamils are better off without LTTE

The connotations for happy will provide mixed results. In a Tamil population of just 2.4 million with one million already domiciled (legally or illegally) overseas, it is easy to fathom who are likely to be unhappy and happy.

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Norway under attack

The terrorist attacks in Norway are profoundly upsetting. The number of those killed may be familiar to us, having gone through such anguish frequently in the past, but nothing should make us fail to register the enormity of such horrors, the brutal extinguishing of so many lives,

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