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Airing educational programmes during TV prime time

President President Mahinda Rajapaksa has requested TV stations to telecast more programmes with educational values during the prime time between 7.00 p.m. to 9.00p.m.He made this request at a school function held recently.

Accordingly, the Education Minister Bandula Gunawardane has urged schoolchildren to watch educationally valued programmes on TV, rather than watching other programmes that could easily corrupt their young minds and distract them from their studies.

The Minister told the Junior Observer that if this time duration was allocated for such educational programmes, schoolchildren could broaden their knowledge by learning even other subjects other than the usual subjects they study in schools.

Minister Gunawardane also said most TV channels in the country today use the prime time for screening teledramas or similar programmes which are mainly based on unbelievable romantic stories , fairytales, crimes and robberies which are not at all suitable for children but they too get attracted to watch them at this time neglecting their studies..

Many parents cannot stop their children from watching programmes of this nature, especially because of the time they were being aired". He therefore requested the owners of TV stations to take heed of the request by the President and give priority for educational programmes for the benefit of over 4.2 million schoolchildren in the country without only thinking of the commercial benifits they get by selling prime time.

He said even in some foreign countries , the prime time of popular TV channels have been allocated to screen educationally valued programmes and this move has gradually helped wean away children from watching television programmes which are not suitable for them .


Kent Ridge Junior + Developing Programme to be held again

Kent Ridge together with the Junior Observer offers you a great opportunity again to develop your character and build leadership qualities

.The Kent Ridge junior+Developing Programme which will be held on par with international programmes observed in Malaysia, Singapore and the USA will be a memorable learning experience for local children .

The participants will be afforded an opportunity to work with teams, learn to manage and lead teams ,interact with role models,make use of their creative thinking skills,learn to respect nature and have great fun too.The programme is scheduled to get off the ground on August 28 at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) from 8.30 a.m to 5.00.p.m.

The organisers will open the programme to 50 children in the age group 9-16 years.

Reservoirs to become fish farming tanks

The National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA) jointly with the Fisheries and the Aquatic Resources Development Ministry has taken steps to develop over 12,000 reservoirs in the dry zone as fresh water fish farming tanks, Fisheries and the Aquatic Resources Development Ministry sources said.

This will help develop the inland water fish industry. In 2010, fish production from inland fisheries and aquaculture was 52,410 metric tons and its contribution to the country's fish production was 13.6 per cent.

The Fisheries Ministry and NAQDA have made arrangements to increase the inland fisheries and aquaculture production by 38,000 metric tons, Ministry sources said. According to Ministry, Inland fisheries and aquaculture play an important role in providing fish at affordable prices to rural communities, while providing livelihood assistance, strengthening the rural economy and bringing foreign exchange to the country.

Developing reservoirs will help them increase their fish cultivation, creating more employment opportunities for the young generation in rural areas .

[News in brief by Rohana Jayalal]

More students sit for A/Ls this year

The number of students who are qualified to sit for G.C.E. A/L Examination in August this year has increased by 50,000 when compared to the previous year. Altogether 294,800 students are expected to sit the exam between August 8 and September 3,according to Education Ministry sources. They said ,the increased participation of students in educational activities in the North and the East after the conflict and the overall improvement of Ordinary Level results has led to an increase in the number of students qualified for A/L studies this yeart.

“ About 350 ex- LTTE combatants will also sit the exam. at Vavuniya Maha Vidyalaya. We will not have separate exam centres at welfare centres this year”, the sources said.

According to the Ministry, there will be 2400 exam centres and 33 district level co-ordinating centres. 45,000 teachers and education officials will be assigned for exam duties.


Japanese Cultural Month

The Embassy of Japan is to launch a 'Japanese Cultural Month' from August 5 to September 5 to celebrate 50 years of cultural relations with Sri Lanka, Japanese Embassy sources said.

During the month several cultural events have been planned in Colombo and thehill capital of Kandy to disseminate information on Japanese culture and lifestyle as well as its popular performing arts and aesthetics and to enhance the friendly relations between the two countries. A contemporary film festival , featuring seven films including two animated movies, has been organised from August 5 to 8 at the National Film Corporation Auditorium and a two-day Cultural Exhibition will open on August 20,at the Lionel Wendt arts theatre,Colombo 7.

A Yosakoi Dance team will be performed at the, E.O.E. Pereira Theatre at the University of Peradeniya on August 25and at the New Town Hall in Colombo on August 27th.

Admission to Japanese Cultural Month events are free and will be on first come first served basis, the Embassy sources said.


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