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Government Gazette

Techno - preneurship University, a role model

Driven by a futuristic vision with the prime objective of value addition to the national resource base, the newly established Uva Wellassa University (UWU) offers a role model in terms of administration, research perspective and interdisciplinary approach to education in an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship,

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Sri Sankhapala Raja Maha Vihara:

A Buddhist shrine with dual significance

Pussadeva, a warrior of king Dutugemunu (161-131 BC) was famous as an excellent archer. After winning the war against Elara, King Dutugemunu had given gifts who contributed to the victory. Pallebedda village was gifted to Pussadeva. However Pussadeva was ordained as a bhikkhu. Later he achieved the state of Arahantship.

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Climate change melting polar regions faster than ever before

The frozen “cryosphere” of the Earth, from the Arctic sea in the north to the massive ice shelves of Antarctica in the south, is showing the unequivocal signs of climate change as global warming accelerates the melting of the coldest regions of the planet, leading polar scientists have warned.

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