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Good Samaritan at Fort Station!

With tourism projected to fill up the Sri Lankan coffers it is important that the country has good customer service officers at key points to boost the country's image.

One such point for the already landed tourist, is the Tourist Information Centre at the Fort Railway Station.

On Friday, after being told brusquely at the Railway Station Inquiries to go to Kollupitiya to obtain a ticket to travel to Kandy in a special carriage, a visitor dropped in at the Tourist Information Centre to seek more details. Since only one of the three desks were manned, the visitor had to wait his turn and a was given the opportunity to listen into the ongoing conversation between an official and a tourist couple.

The official was very helpful and at the end of the conversation informed the tourists they could call their hotel from the pay phone outside. He said it would cost them Rs. 5. The visitors who apparently did not have coins, pulled out a wad of notes and asked whether the official could provide change.

The official did not have any, but counted out Rs.5 from his purse. In true Sri Lankan tradition (which is not in much evidence now) he refused to accept the note proffered by the couple to make up for his loss. When asked, he said his name was Ranjith. May the country be blessed with the likes of more Ranjiths. But may they not always be faced with visitors without loose change.

- Panduka Senanayake



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