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Linklk platform ready:

Huge potential for e commerce to expand

With the continued growth momentum in the economy and fast expansion of internet penetration, broadband coverage and overall development in the ICT and IT literacy in the country e-commerce sector has huge potential to expand, said the CEO of Redgcrest Financial Sanath Fernando. He said that there are vast opportunities for the businesses to expand while providing better and convenient service to the customers.

Essential infrastructure for the service sector businesses is now available on the linklk platform which enables businesses to sell their services and it is user friendly, convenient and secure on the point of view of the customers. The platform which serve the customers with,, and websites and more to come, Fernando said.

Explaining the success of the ticketslk, the one stop ticket shop, Fernando said that online tickets booking in cinema, dramas and other special entertainment events is fast growing. ticketslk offers to consumers the facility of reserving and purchasing tickets for movies and numerous events featured on the site.

The service is rich with user-friendly interface, secure payment system, 24/7 offline support which helps and safeguards its customers. Customers can see the seating arrangements of the theater and available seats for the show that they are planning to go.

In addition to ticket booking facility, ticketslk provides information about movies screening in all partner theaters, details of the movies as well as trailers of the films. It gives a choice to the users. The platform has also provides tickets booking facility via telephone for risk averse persons who are reluctant to pay via credit cards. Almost all of telecom operators are partnered with linklk.

At the moment 10 leading cinema theaters are partnered with us and with the increasing demand for leasure and entertainment in the country in the post conflict situation new theaters are being opened in Colombo and other main towns and the partners are increasing. In this year three new theaters will be opened in majestic city including one 3D theater, Fernando said.

Financelk provides consolidated financial solution to the customers which manages all savings, checking and investment accounts in one place. Users dealing with many financial institutions are strongly benefited by the exceptional features provided by financelk.

It also offers a facility to pay all the bills. The module that analyse bills ranging from mobile to electricity meters, is a good value addition to track anomalies and guide users to harness the benefits of features that are bestowed by the service providers. Service offered by financelk targets corporate and individual customers.

SportsLK offers a bundled service which serves dual purpose to sports enthusiasts and sports centres to manipulate sports facilities via internet at their convenience. SportsLK members are privileged with an opportunity to reserve sports facilities featured on the website. Conversely, the member Sports centres have advanced access to publish facilities, manage user reservations, manage special events & tournaments etc. The main idea driving behind SportsLK is to make all sports facilities available for online reservations. Linklk won eSwabhimani 2011 award of the ICTA for e-business and commerce sector recognisiing its s*upport for the optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce.

Market analysts said that e commerce has already expanded to railway, busservices, hotels and many other areas. However, the volume of the transaction is still low and there is a huge potential for expansion.


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