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LLRC has silenced critics

Q: The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report managed to silence most of the criticism of events of May 2009. Any comments?

A: Some expected the report to whitewash the entire events so that they could level charges at the country.

However, the LLRC report rightfully points out that some incidents need further investigation.

On the other hand, some people say that the LLRC has gone beyond its mandate and discusses unnecessary things.

I hope the extremist views that were influential in the past will become a joke in the future.

Fifty more Lak Sathosa outlets to be opened

Q: People expect high quality food items at reasonable prices from 'Lak Sathosa'. What are the 'Lak Sathosa; future plans to meet the consumer demand - since the private sector super market chains are also doing a good job?

A: 'Lak Sathosa' has the highest number of supermarket outlets even in the North and East. Our aim is customer satisfaction. We will open another 50 Lak Sathosa outlets before the end of this year. 'Lak Sathosa' turnover increased to Rs. 16,488 million in 2011 which is an increase of Rs. 3,321 million as against 2010.

That shows the popularity and the customer confidence towards 'Lak Sathosa'. We will ensure the high quality essential commodities in 'Lak Sathosa' supermarkets. Already we have suspended some supplies of substandard supplies.


First impression counts at BIA

Q: A special project to assist foreign tourists at the Katunayaka BIA was launched by you a few years ago. What is the present situation?

A: We are experiencing a tourist boom at present. This situation will be improved. Further the government has fixed a target of 2.5 million tourist arrivals for 2016. The first person on arriving passenger meets at the BIA is the tourist car driver. His behaviour immensely influences the picture about the country and its people. The Tourist Drivers' Association which I pioneered in 1993, is now a professional body having 85 members.

They are well-trained and the government specially the Ministry of Aviation has recognised their services for the improvement of tourism in the country. The Association has been registered as a company as "Airport Tourist Drivers' Association". An experienced travel executive Chaminda Kumarasingha has been appointed Managing Director, well-trained and professional approach is a must for tourist sector development.




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