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Sunday, 3 March 2013





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

The West eyes wide closed:

Revisiting Tamil Tiger massacres in Sri Lanka

The term ‘ethnic cleansing’, incorporated into the English dictionary in the 1990s, has been extensively used by the international media in relation to the Yugoslav wars and has become a popular phrase from 1992. There is no formal legal definition of ‘ethnic cleansing’.

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Lanka on path of development, social progress and peace

“At the conclusion of Sri Lanka’s universal periodic review (UPR) last November, I informed the Working Group that we would continue our practice of sharing with the UN Human Rights Council our ongoing progress towards peace and normality. We are present here today to share that progress.

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56th anniversary of Sri Lanka-Russia diplomatic relations:

Human rights should not be made a political tool- Russian Ambassador

Russia made no bones about its continued backing for Sri Lanka in Geneva when its Ambassador in Colombo at a recent ceremony announced that his country will in 'every possible and accessible ways and means' do what is necessary to garner support for the country to fight being unfairly treated at the UN Human Rights Council session.

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KAPRUKA - Valentine's Day Gift Delivery in Sri Lanka
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