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Sunday, 31 March 2013





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Awareness programs carried out:

Oral cancer on the rise

Sri Lanka has one of the world’s highest rates of oral cancer. In fact, a national study by the Ministries of Health, Education, Labour and Social Welfare some time ago, rated Sri Lanka as having the highest incidence of oral cancer globally.

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Sri Lanka, one of the most peaceful and stable countries

Defeating the LTTE required many success factors to converge. The first and perhaps most important factor was the unshakeable determination of the President to fulfil his mandate and free Sri Lanka from terrorism. There had been many successful military operations in the past that could not be consolidated to a permanent victory because of the lack of sufficient political will.

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Second international airport would attract additional forex:

MRIA will match Gatwick soon

The Airport, built in keeping with the Mahinda Chinthana concept of ‘Winning the blue sky’ as part of Sri Lanka’s quest to become the Wonder of Asia, will be a boon to the local aviation industry while being a catalyst for the economic development of the Southern Province and many other bordering provinces enabling international trade and tourism, among other benefits,

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KAPRUKA - New Year Gift Delivery in Sri Lanka
LANKAPUVATH - National News Agency of Sri Lanka
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL)
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