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Opportunities in Israel for skilled labour

This is the best time to strengthen trade, investment and friendly relations between Sri Lanka and Israel because there are many opportunities in diverse sectors that both countries could benefit from, said Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel, Sarath Wijesinghe.

At a seminar organised by the Israel Business Development Office of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Wijesinghe said that investors should be educated on opportunities and advantages available while facilitating them to interact. Today, the two embassies are working closely with these objectives in mind. Economic relations is a key aspect of Israeli foreign policy, he said.

Wijesinghe said that opportunities are available for skilled Sri Lankan labourers and it is a new high potential labour market. Israel's agricultural sector is another important area that we should look at as a model. They use advanced technology in agriculture and today even China and India share Israeli technology in agriculture.

Israel is a Middle East country bounded by deserts, water and fertile land are scare. However, they have overcome these natural obstacles using technology. They use desalinated sea water in agriculture and Israel is the world leader in drip irrigation technology.

In dairy farming, Israeli farmers get the highest yield per cow using advanced technology. Sri Lanka should follow these methods to achieve self-sufficiency in milk.

Israel is a high income OECD country with a population of around eight million and a $28,000 per capita GNI. All socio-economic indicators and the living standard of the people in Israel are high. Therefore, Israel is important in the tourism sector as well and we can attract high-end tourists from Israel.In the past our relations with Israel was mainly in the defence sector and the Israel military hardware industry is advanced.

Israel-built Dvora fast attack crafts of the Sri Lanka Navy and Kfir aircrafts of the Sri Lanka Air Force and other military technology of Israel helped Sri Lanka to defeat terrorism.

Sri Lanka should strengthen economic relations with Israel. There are opportunities in education, health and other sectors and the private sector has a role to play, Wijesinghe said.


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