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Hayleys Lighting launches energy saving booklet

Hayleys Lighting launched a booklet, 'Save Electricity, Save Money', which features tips on how to cut electricity costs, at the Mihilaka Medura, BMICH last week.

This booklet is an initiative to inculcate prudent electricity use among the public.

The booklet lists ways in which daily routine work can be done smarter that would result in conservation of energy and savings. The booklet was presented by Hayleys Director Sarath Ganegoda to Power and Energy Ministry Additional Secretary Upali Daranagama.

Saving is an important part of life. From ancient times of agrarian society, prudent, wise and progressive people were those who saved.

This holds true today in an environment of escalating costs.

The increased electricity tariff of the recent past has become an important area that demands saving. An almost impossible task, yet if one is smart, there are ways to make great savings in this area.

A considerable share of household expense is spent on electricity, so the first step is to start saving on electricity.Saving on electricity does not necessarily mean that one has to stay in the dark, unplug the fridge, stop using labour saving devices or go around with crushed clothes.

There are several smart ways that can be employed to ensure ‘life as usual’ and yet control the electricity units consumed. Initiating a few simple steps can reduce the electricity bill.


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