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Awake and think anew

Here we go again, Monday morning, back to work. Need some ideas on how to get pumped up for the week ahead? The best way to do that is to ensure that nothing becomes the 'same old' ever again. To do this, you need to use all your senses in full. Try jumping into a pool at 6 am or take a shower at 5 am. When the cold water hits your body you awake instantly.

Awake enough to think anew and feel rejuvenated. The five senses start to fully complement your effort in any endeavour. There may be other good activities your mind and body have so far rejected. See if you can force yourself to do such an activity to rejuvenate yourself to feel and think anew.


Sit down today and create a list of everything you take for granted. Don't just sit anywhere, go where you will not be disturbed, where the view is good, where your wellness and creativity are fed, but do it and do it today. Find new answers to the old question, what's the purpose of my living? What do I want to achieve in life and how do I achieve it. You are working for yourself. Remember that you are working to achieve your personal goals.

Work is part of that process. You are not working for XYZ Corporation, you are really working for yourself. It's your decision to stay or to leave the company. Your future is in your hands.

Try that attitude and see what happens.


Send out positive energy to the others around you. Be cheerful, upbeat and be responsive to customers and co-workers. Say hello to everyone, acknowledge their presence.

If you encounter grumpy, sad or depressed people smile at them and move on.

Leave everyone you meet with the impression that you're happy, full of enthusiasm and motivated today. Sounds completely out of character to you? Good, you need to change.

Setting a routine is quite normal, and comforting, but not motivating. Change something. Maybe it's breakfast, the way to work, your clothes, who knows.

Fiddle around with your patterns, styles and routines, you may discover the more optimistic person in you - the real you.

Look for your emotional hot-buttons and take steps to neutralise them so you and not your emotions are in control, inside and outside of business.

Difficult things

Challenge yourself to attack the most difficult work problems first thing today. Admit that it has to be done and might be the most uncomfortable or unpleasant activity you will encounter during the week. Once this is out of the way you'll be surprised how much easier the rest of the week will be.

Make someone proud of you. Everyone has a person or persons in their lives that they love and respect. Who are these people in your life? Do something at work today to make them proud of you.

Love yourself

How well are you looking after yourself? Are you feeling tired? Reward yourself regularly for hard work. Give yourself prizes. Set goals and create rewards for their completion that can be enjoyed during the weekend, alone or with your loved ones. Once you develop the habit of enjoying little wins in life, you will not want to let go of that feeling. Burned out, stressed out, unable to focus, unable to get excited?

Take time off regularly, disconnect from work with no email and no telephone calls. Recharge your batteries. Figure out when you are going, for how long, with whom and where.

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