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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

An interview with Nimi Vashi:

Book blogging gathers momentum

Literary activism, which can be in the form of promoting books and authors, organising literary events, book reviewing, helps literature thrive in this ever-growing world of competitive commercialism where the realities of markets and commerce cannot be fully divorced from the field of art and literature.

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Satyajit Ray:

The inner eye and the great Apu trilogy

Long before Sachin Tendulkar who is now called 'god' was even born there was another Indian extremely rare and gifted who was also called 'god'. But as different to the 'God of Cricket' that Tendulkar was, the latter was called the 'God of Films' and it was mainly the people of Bengal who referred to him with veneration as a god in their midst.

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Dance notators in ballet

Many dance establishments around the world employ notators for future references in dance steps and all forms of movements on paper, such as writing music notes lest they are forgotten both by dancers and choreographers after some time.

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