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Perennial Kandy pageant steps into Digital Age

A popular television commercial issues an imperative to its viewers: Hundred things you must do, before you die. This functions as a potent appeal because it is tinged with an implication - to an undertone - of the inevitable vulnerability of life. The commercial, helpfully suggests that you should do these things, against the impending fading of life.

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Revival of Nalanda University in the offing

Bihar, a State in India, has a rich and diverse cultural wealth. It ranges from traditional to contemporary forms of expressions manifested in different languages and dialects. Art and architecture, literature, oral traditions and performance cultures abound.

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The Colombo - Kandy Road, the long and the short of it

Many things in the present world we take for granted. The Colombo - Kandy road is one of them. If we ask a fellow traveller, whether he knows how this road began, he will say, why it got going when everything got going. Perhaps the answer is not that stupid for there certainly has to be a conglomerate of many factors for its birth, historical and otherwise.

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