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Balanchine's serenade:

A feast of wondrous choreography

First debuted in the US in 1935 by the School of American Ballet as well as American Ballet at Adelphi, Serenade choreographed by George Balanchine to the score of Tchaikovsky, this gem of a ballet remains ever fresh in the minds of all choreographers who keep reviving it all the time around the world. Somehow, each year it is in the itinerary of Royal Opera House and we see it over and over again, sizzling and electrifying.

Rupert Pennyfather and a member of the Royal Ballet in Balanchine's Serenede at the Royal Opera House.

This stunning ballet in its elegance is as graceful and ethereal being responded by its striking Corps de Ballet to the shifting moods of Tchaikovsky's lyrical and poetic Serenade for Strings which makes this short ballet an enigma. Above dancing is the sublimely lyrical score that draws thousand to the ROH.


The stunning ballet captures all the excitement that surges through romance to climax a breathtaking evening of dance for all ballet fans. Serenade has been captivating audiences with the cast's thrilling movements to each and every note of Tchaikovsky's score.

Considered a highlight and unmissable of the Summer Season, the ROH boarded the Balanchine's dream this year as usual and will do same in 2015, may be with a different cast of dancers. It is so wonderful to be in London when Spring turns into Summer and most roads lead to Royal Opera House. Along with its magic is also the return to London is the ballet company of the Marinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg to lay bare their grandeur of over two centuries.

The splendour of the noblest dancing and the significance of its history are no less part of the ballet company's identity.

As they rub shoulder to shoulder with the Royal Opera House, the audiences are at the receiving end of spectacular evenings.

Serenade Ballet in one Act
Credits Choreography George Balanchine
Music Tchaikovsky
Costumes Barbara Karinska
Lighting, design John B. Read


The first produced in 1934 it was directed by George Balanchine to the music of Tchaikovsky by the students of the American Ballet at the estate of Felix Warburg in White Plains, New York.

It was named after the music of Tchaikovsky's Serenade in C Major for Strings Orchestra.

It is a story narrated choreographically by Balanchine with 28 dancers in blue costumes in front of a blue background to the Third and Fourth Movement of Tchaikovsky's score.

The first public performance in December 1934 was boarded by the School of American Ballet at Avery Memorial Theatre, Hartford.

Serenade became an all-time favourite with choreographers around the world all of whom opted for Tchaikovsky's music.

Georgi Melitonovich Balanchivadze (1904-1983) was born in St. Petersburg. He was an American dancer and choreographer as well as ballet director.


He began his studies at Patrogard Ballet School in 1914 and became a member of the GATOB while studying music in parallel.

He had such an illustrious career as no other icon of dance.

It is the longest and covered all ballets, all classical and musically inspired. He used the classics of all famous Masters of music and no great dancer was overlooked in his ballets.

The world was at his feet and he stood out as the all-consuming icon. He abhorred and avoided modern and contemporary dance, strictly abiding by classical ballet.

And there was never another George Balanchine.

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