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'Europe's stability will help the world'

"A stable and peaceful Europe will benefit the entire world. The economic and other benefits that this region influences are immense.

Sarath Kongahage

"The world as a whole stands to gain when Europe is stable and this translates into more transfer of skills, knowledge and business. The high spending tourists are Europeans. Hence it is in our best interest to do our bit to foster peace and stability in Europe" said former Ambassador to Germany and Ambassador - designate to South Africa, Sarath Kongahage recently.

Speaking to the Sunday Observer he said that, "European Union is a new power bloc in the world. This is a reality we have to accept. We have to look at the positive side of the European Union. The Union has to be encouraged in creating a stabilised and peaceful environment in the region. A peaceful and stable Europe will be economically beneficial to several countries including Sri Lanka.

"Europe has fought several wars and for many centuries this has affected the world adversely. Both the First and the Second world wars are the closest experience in the wars between the western nations that affected their economy, political stability and growth. Therefore, it is important to prevent wars between European nations. We should seriously think that these will not repeat. In consolidating the peaceful environment is of paramount importance to the European Union for future economic growth and prosperity.

"I had commemorated the 60th anniversary of bilateral relationship between Germany and Sri Lanka, by releasing a book containing 220 pages, packed with information on a wide scope of areas, including trade, culture, investment and economic data. This may not be the most comprehensive compilation of data, I am certain my successors could improve on this. At the time I assumed office there were no databases available and this magazine could well fill that void and could be used as a guide to improve bi-lateral relationships. I thought it was my duty to create a database for my successors to build upon.

This could be the parting note to my successors at the end of each one's term. "I have updated the website at the embassy and it is an achievement as this could be used as a platform to incorporate data, news and events of both countries so that anyone can have access to important information, he said.

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