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Info on poison on Facebook and Twitter - NHSL

The Toxicology Poisons Unit of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) will disseminate information on poisons and toxins using the two most popular social media tools - Facebook and Twitter.

"Upto now we were using the traditional methods of the print and electronic media to pass information on poison to the public.

These methods are now outdated. We need to move forward by using the latest technology to reach a wider public, especially the e-generation", Head of the Toxicology Unit, NHSL, Dr Waruna Gunathilake told the Sunday Observer.

He said the service had been unofficially launched early this week, as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. "We are now updating it daily with the latest information from abroad and look forward to a good feedback."

"Using Facebook and Twitter will help cross borders and be part of a global and regional sharing of knowledge and information on a very important subject, as the number of cases on poisoning is increasing worldwide and in Sri Lanka. We are now confident that we can give better and updated information on poison to a wider audience", he said.

The National Poisons Unit is the oldest in South Asia. It currently functions as a Database on chemicals, pesticides and drugs used in Sri Lanka, on poisonous plants, venomous snakes and other poisonous creatures in the island and works in collaboration with the relevant line ministries. It also provides patient management advice to doctors and other health workers.

The public can access the new service directly - NHSL 269111.


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