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Ra-Blue plays Santa Claus

Ra-Blue is playing all his cards as he hopes to cement his Green candidature at the next Prez polls.

While giving strategic posts such as deputy secretary that is general to confidants such as Ah-killer, Ra-Blue adeptly satisfied all, including Saa-jeet the Love-Slave, 'distributing' posts in the You-En-Pee like Santa Claus.

Green leader's advice to Huh-Ring

Ra-Blue asked Gem Wije to offer the youth wing leadership of the Elephant Party to Huh-Ring. Ra-Blue also told Huh-Ring that he should not accept the youth wing even if Gem Wije offers it.

"You could play a better role when the current youth wing leader replaces me," Ra-Blue told Huh-Ring. Thus, the Green leader handled the matter quite deftly using one percent of his uncle JRJ's brain.

Jubilant Soo-me to plot against Prince

Soo-me, the One-Sa, was overjoyed that his successor's performance was no better though Anura Prince had bragged about a revolution in the party after taking over the leadership.

Anura Prince, who was in the seventh heaven learnt the bitter truth after his party's debacle at the Uva polls.

Soo-me, the One-Sa is now using Lull-Kanth to launch a campaign against Anura Prince.

Big Lady's dream shattered

The retired Big Lady had volunteered to unite the Bell Boys and the You-En-Pee to form a coalition to take over the Uva PC administration.

The Lady's face had turned red when she realised that the governing party had an absolute majority of six seats and that she could not prevent them from securing power even if she mediates to unite the two Opposition parties.

She had even phoned Huh-Ring on the eve of the election and pledged strategic support.


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