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Marriage Proposals
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Would you sponsor their wedding?

There is a perfect way to organise your dream wedding without spending a cent.

Courtney McKenzie and her fiancé Jamil Newell from Orlande, Florida are just doing that.

They have issued a press release calling for a corporate-sponsored “social” wedding and honeymoon, which means their important anf special moments will feature several product endorsements and advertisements. Courtney, who works in social media and runs a marketing company, is the brains behind the idea. “I thought, why not couple my two loves: my soon to be husband Jamil and my love for marketing?” she said. Jamil isn’t complaining either - after all, who wouldn’t want an all-expense paid wedding and honeymoon?

The couple, who love travelling, will be getting married this winter at their dream wedding destination - Thailand.Once they decided on the plan, Courtney put out a press release and started sending it out to people.

It caught on rather quickly, and soon their idea for a sponsored wedding went viral on sites Buzzfeed and Facebook, and the couple was featured on the Today Show. Believe it or not, reporters were actually fighting to get their interview.

They also set up a wedding website with a detailed itinerary of their travel plans, as well as packages for interested corporate sponsors.

They include mentions of companies and products on several social media sites they’ll be using during their wedding and honeymoon, as well as more straightforward marketing techniques, like having company logos sewn on their wedding dress and tuxedo. As long as they are able to raise the $30,000 they need for their dream wedding, they don’t mind acting as living billboards.

We have created several sponsorship categories that incorporate your amazing company in our one-of-a-kind social wedding,” Courtney and Jamil wrote on their website. “The top category is called the ‘title sponsor’ (price upon request), where a company can have its logo sewn on Courtney’s wedding gown and Jamil’s tuxedo. Brands with a smaller budget can opt for the $500 ‘bliss level’ package, which earns them signage display stands at the ceremony.

All sponsors, irrespective of the category, will be promoted on the couple’s social media accounts.

So far, the campaign has had some success - Courtney and Jamil have been promised free wedding bands for the ceremony.

Their wedding attire is being covered as well, and a hotel is willing to provide them free accommodation on their honeymoon.

“We have a few Fortune 500 companies who have reached out to us which is exactly what we wanted, as well as smaller companies like GlamHotlist, who are sponsoring my entire wedding and honeymoon wardrobe,” said Courtney. “A lot of companies have been contacting us and we’re just excited to go through them all.”

The couple also plan to donate a part of their sponsorship money (beyond the cost of the trip) to charity.

Hand stands on skyscrapers, a thrill-seeker’s daredevil act

Standing on top of a skyscraper using only the hands or else performing a hand stand on a 500 ft high building can be called as an act involving high risk.

But not for 25-year-old Scott Young of Basingstroke, Hampshire, a thrill- seeker who climbs tall buildings and perform hand stands on the very edge of those massive structures.

Mind you for these dangerous acts he doesn’t use any safety ropes or nets.He carries only a small camera strapped to his foot to record the unnerving view below. Scott is a thrill seeker unlike any other. Most adventurers are content with just travelling the world, but this young daredevil takes the phrase ‘living on the edge’ to a whole new level. He actually performs handstands on top of skyscrapers and other tall buildings in every city that he visits..

Scott has been a professional free-runner since the age of 15, which means that he performs stunts like climbing tall urban buildings and jumping between rooftops.

Scott has starred in films like The Amazing Spiderman and is now a part of the 3RUN team of acrobats. But he’s currently working on his pet project called ‘Handstands in High Places’.

So far, he has filmed himself performing handstands in three countries – England, China and India. His latest pictures are from the edge of an old, derelict 20-storey building in New Delhi. This was by far the most dangerous stunt he’s performed - purely because of the bad condition of the building. But Scott was pretty nonchalant about the whole affair. According to Scott, the project is a mind game.

“It’s more of a mental thing than anything else – you’ve just got to focus your mind on what you’re doing, not what you think might happen.

When you do a handstand, you have to focus on the ground in front of you to keep your balance.

If it’s only a few feet away, that’s fine, but I look right down to the bottom of the building - it’s so far I just have to block it out of my mind.”

Recently Scott tried an equally bizarre stunt - he balanced himself on a car park roof, on a fence that was only a couple of inches wide. “This was more of a technical challenge, because the flat top of the fence was only as wide as my thumb,” he said. “Plus, if I’d fallen off the side, I would have probably died and my mum would have killed me because of the scandal it would cause.”

Shortly after this, Scott attempted to perch himself quite precariously on the edge of a 40-storey skyscraper in Shanghai (about 480 foot). Even his teammates begged him to put on a harness, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He apparently can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush that accompanies these gravity-defying stunts.

Naturally, Scott’s mother Samantha Young is worried sick for his safety. She got very upset when he showed her the first video he filmed, so he stopped telling her about his activities now. But he isn’t exactly invincible. “I’ve had a few injuries in my time,” he said. “I’ve torn ligaments and things in my shoulder, but they’re usually just repetitive injuries rather than from bad falls.”

His worst fall came during a film premier – his stunt went horribly wrong and he ended up on the crash mat with a broken ankle.

The irony, he said, is that he might have escaped unharmed if he had actually landed on the hard concrete floor instead!

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