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Winner: Volcanoes

The earth has very hot molten matter in the centre. This molten matter releases several gases which comes out from the surface of the earth.

When a volcano erupts, a huge quantity of a hot molten substance called lava comes out of the vent. The lava runs speedily down the slopes of mountains. It burns everything in its path. Thus, many people are killed due to volcanic eruptions.

When a volcano erupts, it produces a huge bang which shakes the surface of the earth. It may cause earthquakes at times.

Winner: The festival I like

I like many festivals but my favourite festival is Christmas. The shops are full of toys. The roads are decorated with lights, church bells are ringing.

We make Christmas trees, cribs and many things. Mother makes Christmas cake, wine and many sweets. Boys and girls sing carols. They are happy.

Santa is also happy and his bag is full of toys. Shoppers shop till dusk. The climate is chilly and cold but it brings the feeling of Christmas. We get new books, new clothes and so we are happy.

Winner: The Sun

The sun is a star – a ball of hot, glowing gas. It does not have solid parts. It is made up mostly of hydrogen gas. The sun is huge. The sun looks small only because it is far away. The average distance from earth to the sun is 93 million miles.

The sun’s gravity holds the earth and the other planets in their orbit. It holds asteroids, comets and dust in orbit. The sun is one of about 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The sun and all the other stars orbit the centre of the Milky Way. All the energy on earth comes from the Sun.

The centre of the sun is called the core. The core is extremely hot. The photosphere is the outer part of the sun that we can see. The heat and light from the photosphere reaches the earth, the temperature of the photosphere is about 9950 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler dark spots is titled sunspot form on the photosphere.

The corona is the top layer of the sun’s atmosphere. The temperature of the corona goes up to four million degrees Fahrenheit.

The corona trails off into space gases that blow off the corona re called the solar wind. The sun is a huge magnet. The magnetism of the sun causes strange things. Bright explosions called Solar Flores Flash in the corona takes place sometimes.

There are huge explosions in the corona that send billion of tons of material into space. The flares and explosions can cause magnetic storms on earth.

All living beings need sunlight to live and grow. The sun’s energy can also do harm to our skin. Harmful rays from sun can also cause diseases such as skin cancer.

Winner: Conserve water – every drop counts

In ancient times King Parakramabahu built tanks to collect water, when it rains, because in the dry season there is no water. He thought about the future. We also must think about the future and conserve water.

There are many advantages of water. We use water for agriculture to grow plants. We need water to cook, drink, transport and for our our daily chores.

We face many problems when there is no water. We can’t live or bathe without water. We get water from many places. They are the lakes, sea, waterfalls and rivers. We also get water from rain. We can put big tanks or tubs when it is raining. Later we can use water from these tanks.

Animals and plants want water to live. There are many animals in the sea, they can’t live without water.

We must save at least one drop of water. Some people waste water.

Some people wash vehicles or animals in rivers. This pollutes the water. It can make us ill. Therefore, we must not waste or pollute water.

“Please protect water for the future.”

Winner: Why trees are important

Trees are useful to us in many ways. Trees give us shelter and fresh air to breathe. They also give us food.

It can be used to make boats, furniture, build houses. Trees are also used for medicine. The roots of trees hold the soil together and prevent soil erosion.

If more trees are there we will get more rain because trees play a key role in the water cycle.

We shouldn’t cut trees. We should try to grow more trees in our country, since they are very important to us.

Age of farmers

Age of farmers is called the Neolithic Era. This era is more popular than the other ages. We were first living in caves, villages and towns.Now we are living in cities.

At present we have discovered the way of organising a way of life.Agriculture started in a period known as the New Stone Age. The world's first farmers were produced from our society.

Man started to build houses, carts, canoes and boats with the axe. They enjoyed music, dancing, art, painting and sculpture. They formed a government to protect their properties.

Cricket, the game I like

Cricket is an outdoor bat and ball sport played between two teams and it is the second most popular sport. In each team there are 11 players. Both teams take turns to bat and bowl.

The batting team tries to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to make the batsman out and thus limit the runs scored by the batting team.

At the end of the innings, the team which was bowling and fielding earlier now bats and tries to score more than the previous team.

Cricket is also called the ‘Gentleman’s game.’ I love cricket much.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is famous as the writer of Sherlock Holmes stories. He was born in 1859 in Scotland. He did Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. He worked as a doctor for several years and later became a full time writer.

Doyle wrote many detective stories and became famous. He lived in Barket Street, London with his friend Doctor Watson. He was Holme's assistant too. There is an enemy in the story called Moriarty.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930 aged 71. It made all his fans feel sad. Sherlock Holmes was a brave boy. It is an interesting and a beautiful story. I like it very much.

Why I like Merlin

Merlin Camelot's future plans are not permanent. Merlin is a king maker and a silent hero. He looks after the security of the state.

Merlin is good example for those who are hoping to be a hero. He uses his charms to win the hearts of everyone and becomes an idol.

The Nobel Prize

The Nobel prize is given by the Alfred Nobel Foundation. Alfred Nobel was a scientist. He invented dynamite and became one of the richest men in the world.

Alfred Nobel regretted his invention of dynamite because it was used for destruction. He established the Alfred Nobel Foundation. The Nobel Prize is worth about two million dollars. The prizes are presented in Stockholm.

His Holiness Pope Francis

We welcome happily,
His Holiness Pope Francis.
To our small island,
The pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Preach the Analects of the book,
And the value of peaceful mind.
Help to create a merciful society,
Which brings us happy definitely.

Please fill our hearts with mercy,
And lighten our lives with glory.
Kindly bless us as we appeal sincerely,
Visit here again, we invite cordially.

We praise God for He created the world,
We request him to protect the world.
We want a peaceful happy world,
We are willing to live together in the world.


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