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Marriage Proposals
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About our Daughter: Our daughter is a well-educated, pretty, specialist medical doctor / Consultant in Australia, 37 years and 5’2”. She is divorced with short marriage; no encumbrances or children. We are Kandyan Christian professional parents and looking for a professionally qualified son. An Australian / NZ / UK / Canada PR resident with Christian background is highly preferred. We value a generous person who is willing to build a strong and prosperous family life in Australia. Please reply with full details. Email : [email protected]

About 5’3” 29+ slim smart talented graduate daughter with Australian PR currently employed in Sri Lnaka as an Investment Analyst. Educated mother from B/G family seeks suitable partner from a respectable family. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified partner from UK/USA or willing to move UK/USA is sought by G/B parents for their daughter born in 1978, height 5’ 7”. She is pretty, down to earth and kind. She is persuing her PhD in a well reputed university in London, UK. She will be completing her PhD by May 2015. She has a plan to stay-in UK or move to USA for future career goals. She used to work as a Lecturer in Sri Lankan University before starting her post-graduate studies. Caste, religion, and differences immaterial. Please reply [email protected] or T.P. 0112899104 (after 6.00 pm).

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by Kandyan GC professional parents in Australia for their 27 year old, 5’8”, slim and pretty daughter. She is Australian born citizen and works as a Medical Doctor (Registrar) in Australia. We are searching for a decent professional with equal status, raised and living in Australia around 30 years to introduce to our daughter for a potential relationship leading to marriage in the future. Christian professional is highly preferred. Please email family details. Email: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents living abroad for their professionally qualified 25 year fair pretty daughter. Please reply with family details and contact information to: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified partner (44 - 49 yrs) preferably in USA or Sri Lanka is sought by parents for their daughter a Scientist US PhD and PR, 44, 5’1”, fair very attractive younger looking with Buddhist cultural values. Inherits substantial assets. Currently attachd to an academic institute in US. Reply with phone number and full details. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by B/K parents for their well mannered pretty slim daughter born in 1981 September 5’7” who is a BSc and MSc graduate Mathematics teacher in leading Government school in Colombo. She inherits substantial assets. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well mannered sober partner is sought by a G/B mother for her daughter studied and worked in Australia. She is 5’3” 28 yrs slim and pretty. Kuja, Shani in 12 prefer professionals in Australia/ N.Z./ S.L. Please contact [email protected]with horoscope and family details.

Academically and professionally qualified, TT/NS, understanding, kind, generous partner for bride 47,5’, S/B, postgrad qualified, vegetarian, outgoing, varied interests. Living in Colombo suburbs. Financially independent. Replies in person with full details will be answered. [email protected]

Academically or professionally qualified partner is sought for daughter born May 1985 height 5’ 4”, brought up with traditional Buddhist values, PhD qualified Research Scientist in USA. Mother S/G/B, father Jaffna Tamil, retired Government Officer. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified NS, TT son with sober habits sought by GB mother for fair attractive 1981 born daughter MBBS. MD 5’4’’. Reply with horoscope [email protected]

Academically professionally well qualified handsome tall partner working abroad with PR from a respectable family sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents living abroad for their only daughter slim very pretty 27, 5’5”, B.Sc Hons MSc UK educated working abroad as a Manager in a prestigious company. Reply with family details horoscope and contact number. [email protected]

Academically qualified with good command of English age 39-46 groom is sought by B/G parents for fair pretty daughter highly qualified drawing handsome salary willing to reside abroad. Dowry in cash and property. E-mail: [email protected]

Academically & professionally qualified a non-smoking handsome partner below 42 years is sought by Government Servant, Sinhala Buddhist Govi Kandyan parents for their daughter age 37+, 5’6” slim, fair & elegant. A graduate presently employed as an Accountant in a leading company and pursuing CIMA & ICSA. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Proposals are considered from a similar family background from Sri Lanka & overseas. Low country genuine aristrocats are also considered. No divorcees please. Email: [email protected]

Academically / professionally qualified, well employed, NS/TT, below 36 partner who respects Buddhist values is sought by BG, Colombo suburbs parents for their, 30 years, 5’0”, pretty, slim, fair, well mannered, religious, very young looking daughter. She is a Graduate in NUS, Singapore and member of ACMA/CGMA. She possesses substantial assets. Non-malefic horoscope. Reply with family details and horoscope without Kuja Dosa. [email protected]

Academically/professionally qualified partner with sober habits & good family b/g sought by respectable G/B mother for charming daughter 31, 5’2’’, employed in an international bank. Late father, planter. Only brother married, Australian citizen. Reply with family details/hc [email protected]

Academically, professionally qualified well employed handsome partner (abroad or S.L.) sought by Sinhala Buddhist Govi Lawyer father for 5’3” slim pretty fair daughter born 1985/01 ACMA CGMA B.A. (Hons.) MSc. studied in UK. Working in Colombo based U.K. Firm as Accountant drawing six figure salary. Tele : 0115673841. Email : [email protected]

Affluent B/G well connected retired parents seek suitable partner for their younger daughter 30, 5’7” slim, fair, beautiful professionally qualified Bank Executive. Could emigrate to Australia if desirable. Dowry available. Kuja Shani 4th House. Email : [email protected]

Affluent Govi Buddhist parents seek suitable partner for their daughter 35 years 5’3’’ Graduate with substantial monthly income. Owns valuable properties in Colombo suburbs and financial assets. Reply with details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

An educated kind hearted non smoking partner is sought by parnets for US citizen daughter born 1979, 5’4” Buddhist, has MSc. from US and employed. Marriage limited only to signature. US citizens and permanent residents preferred. Reply with details in the first letter to [email protected] / [email protected]

A kind professional son is sought by professional parents, living abroad, for their doctor daughter, age 29, 5’5”, pretty, kind, brought up with traditional Buddhist values, intends to move to Australia soon. Younger daughter is currently pursuing PhD Engineering in UK. Kindly reply to [email protected]

A qualified doctor below 40 is sought by Professional parents for their Australian qualified Doctor daughter. She is divorced after a brief marriage. [email protected]

A smart and established educated son professionally qualified, living abroad preferably in Canada, is sought by parents living in Sri Lanka. For their professionally qualified well employed daughter living abroad, willing to relocate. She is well accomplished, very fair and very pretty, has reached 33 years, 5 ft. tall and slim, inherits and earned considerable assets. She prefers a non-smoker with sober habits. Religion Christian or Buddhist. Sisters and brother professionally qualified living abroad. Parents professionally qualified now in business. Please respond with family background and details. Prefer horoscope or date and time of birth with place of birth. Please email: [email protected]

BG parents from Horana (now Colombo suburb) seek academically / professionally qualified partner for their fair slim Senior Lecturer daughter 30, 5’2” B.Sc Moratuwa PhD UK (only brother Engineer). Reply with details and horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Bodu Govi mother seeks educated partner for 1970 born B.Sc graduate daughter working as a Software Engineer. Looks pretty, slim and attractive. [email protected]

Bodu Govi respectable family of professionals seek qualified son from same caste above 5’6’’ age between 28-34 for their only daughter educated from Colombo leading school holding BSc honours degree in finance from a reputed university working as a financial Analyst. Born 1988 simple religious fair slim and pretty. Substantial dowry available including residences in Colombo prime locations. Kindly respond with family details contact phone numbers horoscope and Email:[email protected]

Buddhist father seeks a smart educated son for his attractive 5’2’’ daughter born in October 1983, Graduated in Australia and completed her MBA in Sri Lanka. Presently working for a prestigious bank in Colombo. Her only brother is an undergraduate in Australia. Inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope. 7th house Non-malefic (papa free only) [email protected]

Buddhist Govi retired Principal father and teacher mother seek professionally qualified English speaking handsome son who wishes to migrate, for young looking very beautiful post-graduate daughter born 81-10, with PR in US, widow after husband’s tragic demise. Owning considerable assets in US and SL. 2 1/2 yr daughter in grand parents’ care. Email: [email protected] T.P. 0112054088.

Buddhist Govi/ Durawa parents seek academically professionally qualified partner for 26 years, 5’ 5”, fair, pretty, MBBS (China) daughter, who does not want to do a job. Inherits substantial assets. [email protected]

Buddhist Karawe/ Govi Colombo suburbs father and mother seek suitably educated and professionally qualified son for their 32 yrs, 5’ 2”, Software Engineer daughter fair with excellent character BSc and MSc in Software Engineering employed at a private Computer Software Engineering Company in Colombo. Since her horoscope is with Kuja - Shani in the third, please reply with compatible horoscopes and telephone number. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist professional engineer father seeks a kind hearted professionally qualified partner for his foreign qualified 30 yrs MBBS daughter residing in Sri Lanka. She is legally separated after a very brief marriage only on paper. A professional on similar status, residing overseas, either in Australia, US or UK is preferable. Please reply to [email protected] with details.

Buddhist Sinhala family of well established parents residing in Colombo seeks an academically and professionally qualified son from a respectable family for their smart, fair, slim and pretty youngest daughter of 29 years, 5’2” in height who is a doctor by profession (MBBS, Colombo Medical Faculty) currently working in Colombo. She already has had experience working in UK. Elder sister, her husband and brother are highly qualified, gainfully employed and permanently residing in UK and Australia. Please reply with full family details and a copy of horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist Vishwa respectable retired parents seek academically professionally qualified well mannered son for their daughter 33 yrs, 5’ 3”, pleasant fair slim graduate (BA MA) English Lecturer in a tertiary education institute. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

B/G Canadian citizen parents seek educated partner for 24 yrs. 5’2” Engineer daughter. Please reply with horoscope and family details to below given mail address. [email protected]

B/G parents from Colombo 04 seek educated well established / mannered partner for their educated / Executive pleasant daughter 1973 March 5’3”. Reply with all details and horoscope. Contacts Email : [email protected]

B/G Respectable parents from Kandy seek a professionally qualified son from a respectable family with a similar background for their younger daughter 5’5”, 28 year old, UK degree holder working as an independent consultant in Sri Lanka. Please send family details with copy of horoscope. Email [email protected]

B/G retired parents seek an academically, professionally qualified handsome son with good character for their 5’3” tall, slim, fair & pretty daughter with a US M.Sc. Degree, born in 1970, educated in the US Australia & leading colleges in Col. 07 (SL) resident in the US for the past 15 yrs, a Green Card holder, eligible for citizenship there now. Working there, attached to a reputed Co. Reply with horoscope & details.

B/G MBBS Dr. 5’ 5 1/2”, 26+ brought-up with true Sinhalese Buddhist values. Daughter’s parent seek academically and professionally qualified son. Pls send H/C N contact. [email protected]

B/K brother and sister seek a partner for their sister born 1970, 5’3” Banker pretty, young looking with substantial assets. Please send family details and horoscope. Email : [email protected]

B/K respectable parents seek an academically and professionally qualified NS/TT son from a respectable family for their 29 y, slim, pretty, MBBS Doctor daughter will inherit substantial assets. Please reply with details. [email protected]

B/K/G WP Biomedical Engineer (father) seeks professionally and academically qualified, employed well mannered TT/NS respectable pleasant son grown with Buddhist values and matching horoscope for our daughter. She was born in December 1988 (26 y), 5’ 5 1/2”, BSc graduate, enrolling for MSc, employed as R&D Supervisor for leading organization. She is really pretty, charming, fair, decent. Write with family details, horoscope to [email protected] or contact 0112-977522.

Catholic Salagama Sinhala seek a kind hearted professionally qualified partner for their professionally qualified attractive sister 40 years old, 5’6”, working as a Legal Director, Government Institution. She owns valuable property in Colombo. Please reply with family details. Email : [email protected]
Telephone : 011-2733528.

Christian Tamil high caste parents in Australia seek a professionally qualified Christian partner, for their daughter, age 37, with Masters degree in Science, working for an Australian Government Research Institution. She is fair, slim, height 5’ 3”, very pleasant & young looking. Please email: [email protected]

Colombo Buddhist Catholic mixed parents seek a group 30-35 for their daughter 29 Manager of an International bank AIB CIM qualified inherits wealth of 10mn 2836131 [email protected]

Colombo Buddhist/Deva respectable family seek a son having same status, for 39, 5’ 6’’ pleasant educated well-mannered daughter working as legal officer in reputed bank. Divorced from brief proposal marriage. No encumbrances. Inherits substantial assets. Reply with details, horoscope, contact number. [email protected]

Colombo B/G retired teacher mother from a respectable family seeks a suitable partner for daughter, 36 yrs, 5’4”, slim, very fair pretty English speaking banker drawing a high salary inherits assets. Only sister married. Reply with horoscope and family details. 1, 7, 8 Malefic Kuja 2. [email protected]

Colombo suburb B/G 33yrs slim fair beautiful only daughter 5’ 4’’ BA/MBA educated employed as manager in leading international company drawing high salary with perks and car. Educated partner sought for marriage Sinha Lagna, Pusa Nekatha. Reply with horoscope. 2509066

Colombo suburb G/B retired Bank parents seek academically professionally qualified well-mannered son for daughter pretty, pleasant with good character. November 1984, 5’3”, Chartered Marketer. Completed MBA employed in reputed Company. (Executive Grade). Reply with horoscope, family details (Already in Australia/willing to migrate is preferred). [email protected]

Elders seek a suitable well-employed gentleman for marriage to an attractive lady, early forties, employed as a Secretary, in a top Government Corporation, divorced (innocent party), with two children in their early teens owns her residential house. Pl. reply to - [email protected]

Gampaha District Christian family seek a son who is academically and professionally qualified overseas for their educated 23 years old daughter (May 1991) father is Christian, mother is Buddhist. She has great personality and has been brought up with Christian Buddhist and Sinhala values. Height 5’9”. She lives with parents and studies in the UK. Currently pursuing a PHD in Law from a prestigious university. Only one younger brother who started his higher education in the UK last September. Please contact father on [email protected]

Govi Buddhist Kurunegala parents are in search for an academically and professionally qualified partner for their fair, slim and pretty daughter 35 years, 5’2” height. Qualified with BA (Hons) in Business Management and CIMA. She is currently reading for MBA Degree. Working in a prestigious private sector company in Colombo as an Accountant, drawing a six figure salary, owns a new car and substantial assets. Reply with family details and horoscope copy to Email : [email protected] 0372236796.

Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo seek a professionally qualified, well established kind hearted (non-smoking / TT) fair partner (from a leading School in Colombo) below 28 yrs. from a respectable Bodhu / Govi family for our pretty, slim, fair, professionally qualified daughter 24 y., 5’3”. Forward family details and horoscope, non-malefic horoscopes only. E-Mail to [email protected]

Govi Catholic mother living in U.S.A. seeks a suitable partner preferably working or studying in U.S.A. for her slim pretty daughter 23 yrs, 5’3” employed as Research Scientist in a leading research institute in U.S.A. Caste religion immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope to E-mail: [email protected]

Govi Catholic parents off Negombo seek educated partner for only daughter 5 feet born in 1976 MSc IT Software Engineer owns house property and other valuables. E-mail: [email protected]

Govi / Buddhist parents seek never married partner between 41-49 years for 43 years (looks very much younger) 5’1” pretty slim never married well qualified professional banker with unblemished character. Educated at Visakha, had post-graduate studies in UK, worked in a UK bank. Currently in Sri Lanka. Age, caste, immaterial. [email protected]

Govi/ Buddhist parents seeks partner for qualified daughter. Accountancy MSc. BSc- UK. Age 30+ Kuja/ Shani 9th house. 0812223671 or [email protected]

G/B divorced with no encumbrances (plaintiff) 42 yrs younger looking, attractive, pleasant 5’3” employed. Parents passed away sometime back. Only child. Please reply with horoscope, and family details etc. and genuine partners only. Preferably divorcees local / overseas willing to settle down in anywhere in the world. Confidentiality assured. E-mail: [email protected]

G/B family seeks a doctor / engineer son willing to migrate to Australia for their daughter 30, 5’3” rich with Lankan Buddhist values, a leading Scientist holds a Doctorate from a prestigous Australian University. [email protected]

G/B parents Colombo suburbs seek educated son for University Lecturer daughter 34y, 5’3” fair pretty with moral character inherits substantial assets. Send details with horoscope. [email protected]

G/B respectable professional parents from Colombo suburb seek academically and professionally qualified son for their pretty, slim and well mannered daughter, 29, 5’4”, Medical Doctor (SL) employed in USA. Those residing in USA or willing to migrate preferred. Please reply with family details and non-malefic horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Kandyan Buddhist Govi respectable professional parents seek handsome and kind son (doctor / medical student / dentist) from similar family background for our 26 yr old 5’1” slim, beautiful and kind MBBS doctor daughter (Australia). Looking to build a relationship for marriage. Welcome replies form SL or overseas. Reply with horoscope to [email protected] M614 23178985.

Kandy Buddhist Deva respectable business parents seek academically professionally qualified decent teetotaler nonsmoker son below 36 with Buddhist values for their fair pretty elder daughter 1982 July 5’5” dual citizen pursuing her PhD at Monash University Melbourne Australia. Please reply with full family details horoscope and contact number. Email- [email protected]

Long term Australian resident professional parents seek to introduce a suitable partner for only daughter, 35, 5’6”, slim, attractive, educated in leading Australian University, professionally employed in a senior position, interested in music, literature, travel. She is overseas born with dual Australian and Sri Lankan citizenship. We are looking for a tertiary educated, professionally employed person from a compatible background with matching interests. While our family is SBG, differences are immaterial.

Malay parents from Colombo seek an academically and professionally qualified Malay / Moor well mannered teetotaller bridegroom for their daughter, born in April 1989, Height 5’ 7”, Local University Doctor. Please email details to: [email protected]

Moor parents from Colombo seek a religious, professionally qualified, and a suitable partner from a very good and respectable family background, for their well educated daughter. She is 25 years, religious, fair, pretty, slim and 5’4” in height. Please reply with full details including a contact telephone number to the email address: [email protected]

Moor parents from Kandy interested in a qualified partner preferably Medical Doctor Engineer or Accountant for our daughter who is a MBBS doctor, employed as MO in Government service. She is 29 years, height 5’2” fair in complexion & kind hearted. E-mail:- [email protected] [email protected]

Moor parents from Matale seek a professional groom for their beautiful daughter 5’ 6” slim, 26 yrs. pleasant and well brought up. Please reply with full details to: [email protected]

Moor well connected family seeks a well educated or businessman groom for their 30 years old youngest daughter, 5’3”, fair, doctor by profesison, working in a government hospital & willing to migrate if needed. If interested please email: [email protected]

Muslim parents from Colombo suburb seek well educated partner for 24 years daughter 5’5’’ tall, slim, fair, Technically qualified and employed in a private firm in Colombo. Send details or contact: 0114943935

Muslim respectable parents seek a suitable religious, educated and professionally qualified partner from Western Province to Southern Province for their 25 years old, religious and educated daughter, 5’ 4” in height. Kindly send details to: [email protected]

Parents Buddhist seek a caring academically qualified prafessional age 45-55 years for their never married professional daughter working in England. Please correspond with details via [email protected]

Parents from Colombo, residing in California at present seek a kind hearted well mannered educated son for their 27 years old daughter, a citizen of America, who studied at Holy Family convent, Bambalapitiya and graduated from a prestigious University in California. Employed at an Information Technology company. Hoping to visit Sri Lanka at the end of the year. 2718857, 2730002, [email protected], [email protected]

Parents seek educated son for their daughter now reading for PhD in Australia. She is 33 years 5’ 2” and fair looks much younger, father is very senior Banker, mother teacher, only brother also reading for PhD in USA. She inherits substantial assets in Sri Lanka. Proposals from Sri Lanka and abroad welcome. [email protected] 0342260997.

Parents seek for a partner for their daughter, a Teacher in an International School, born in 1977, 5’3” in height, very fair & slim. Email - [email protected]

Parents seek well brought up son for their daughter aged 27, fair, 5’7” tall and with an overseas degree. Empoyed in a bank as an Assistant Manager. Christian educated partner is preferred.

Professionally, academically qualified well mannered T/T, N/S. religious son is sought by respectable G/B parents from Nugegoda for 1986 July born 5’7”, slim, fair, pretty only daughter, Thula Lagna, Rahu 7, Kethy Nekatha, Raksha Gana, B.Sc, University Graduate, reading for Ph.D. in Microbiology will be in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks, end March. Reply with horoscope (Rahu or Kuja in 1st, 7th or 8th only). Family details with contact details. [email protected]

Respectable Buddhist Govi family seek a partner for daughter born Nov. 1988, 5’ 2” pretty, fair, slim, International school teacher, 3 brothers are doctors, one brother residing in Australia. [email protected]

Respectable Govi Buddhist business parents from Colombo suburbs seek educated well mannered son in same caste for our daughter, 31 years, 5’2” fair, pretty educated in leading Girls School holding a Director position in their family business. She owns substantial assets. Pl. reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents residing in Australia seek professionally and academically qualified partner for their Lawyer daughter, practising in a prestigious Commercial Law Firm in Australia. She has a very pleasant manner 26 years medium complexion, height 5’2”. Please reply with family details, a copy of the horoscope and contact number. [email protected]

Respectable G/B parents living in Australia seek a professionally qualified son living in Australia or willing to migrate. Our daughter, an MBBS doctor, brought up with Buddhist/Sri Lankan values, is 27 years, 5’3”, slim and fair. Please respond with family details and horoscope (Malefic horoscopes preferred) to [email protected]

Respectable G/B parents seek an academically / professionally, qualified son for their only daughter, 5’1” 29+ fair pretty well brought up employed as a Gemmologist in State Sector with substantial assets. Shani in the 1st house. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Respectable well connected B/G parents looking for a professionally qualified son from USA age 29-33 height above 5’9” for a fair daughter educated in a leading School in Colombo inherits substantial wealth and pursuing a Doctorate from USA University. [email protected]

Roman Catholic parents seek an educated well employed groom for their daughter born in 1977 Oct. fair slim convent eduacted and profesisonally qualified (AICM) fluent in English, employed as a Manager in a leading private company. Please reply with full details to E-mail: [email protected] or call 031-5310099.

Sinhala Buddhist brother seeks a professionally qualified groom below 55 years for his younger sister aged 51 years (height 4’11” very young looking) doctor living in Australia divorced and has 2 daughters dual citizen Sri Lankan and Australian. Preferably a professionally qualified partner who will be able to work and settle down in Australia. Differences immaterial. Reply with full details and if possible. Email address [email protected].All information would be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Sinhala Buddhist K/Govi parents (father retired Marine Engineer) from Colombo suburbs seek educated professionally qualified suitable partner for their only daughter born 1984 April, 5’1” slim, pleasant, smart, studied Musaeus. Presently employed at a leading multinational company (Leisure Sector) holds a managerial position and is the Head of the Department with six figure salary with other perks and benefits. She is kind hearted well brought-up simple with unblemished character. Please forward all particulars along with horoscope. Email - [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist parents in UK seek a professional non smoking and caring partner living in UK for their graduated daughter born and educated in UK aged 37 height 5’8” and brought up with Sri Lankan Buddhist values. She is fair and smart well mannered working for a UK Government Organization in London She owns her own property She enjoys photography and travelling amongst her habits. Reply with details to [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic parents seek professionally qualified partner for their 29 years, 5’ 3”, medium complexion daughter graduate BSc. ISM following top CIMA educated in leading Convent in Colombo. Employed as a Programme Manager at an International Organisation, inherits 20 perches land with a house and an Annexe. Tel. No. 0112657550 email: [email protected]

Sinhala Roman Catholic mother from Negombo seeks a suitable educated partner Roman Catholic for her educated daughter a executive in an pvt firm. Born 1974, 5 3 1/2. She is slim, fair and inherits substantial assets including a house. Pls. reply with full family information. Email: [email protected] 031-5685941.

Suitably qualified son is sought by G/B respectable parents for their daughter pretty 26 yrs., 5’2”, B.Eng., Australian citizen currently in Germany pursuing Masters final few months. Please reply with family particulars horoscope to [email protected]

S/B parents residing in Australia seek an academically qualified, fair, handsome son (age below 27) with Srilankan values for their pretty and fair, 23 yrs, 5’ 4”, daughter currently pursuing post gradaute studies. Caste immaterial. Please reply with family details and horoscopes. [email protected]

Well connected, educated Moor family from Kandy seeks for their daughter 25 years, height 5’2” well qualified, studied in a leading school in Kandy and finished her higher studies in USA, brought up with religious values; a fair handsome English speaking groom within 26-30 years from a good family. Please furnish details with contact number. Email: [email protected]




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