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Creative Solutions introduces new product

Creative Solutions (CSL) launched its latest product,, a revolutionary gift solution. is a new concept which shifts the power of choice from the gift giver to the receiver.

Creative Solutions officials at the launch of

It preserves the sentimental value of gifts by allowing you to personalise your GiftSmart cards.

"We came up with because we all need it," said Director, Creative Solutions, Sushena Ranatunga.

"Every year we attend numerous weddings, birthdays, company and other events and we've noticed that gifts had turned these joyous occasions into a nightmare for the invitees and those celebrating."

"For example, I have attended around 15 events this year. I had to spend many hours driving, perusing and buying gifts for each occasion. Not only did I have to spend a lot of time on it but I also had to factor in the fuel and other implicit costs, traffic stress and the risk of buying gifts that the person celebrating is sick of - such as ceramics and glassware. Isn't gift giving supposed to be an enjoyable experience?"

The team launched the web solution you can access anytime and anywhere to buy your GiftSmart cards to restore the enjoyment of gifting. Locals and those residing outside the country can send gifts to any place in Sri Lanka.

You can send GiftSmart cards via email or print and present them in many different ways. You can be as creative as you want. Another perk is that your recipient can easily redeem their GiftSmart cards. Once they receive it, they can convert their cards into gift vouchers from multiple stores simply by logging into

Unlike traditional gift vouchers, with you give your recipient the freedom to choose which stores they want to receive gift vouchers from. That way you no longer have to worry about clogging their shelves with unnecessary china or sending them to the stores they are not interested in. Therefore, goes far beyond utility.



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