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Boy offers food to hungry man

A young boy has touched the hearts of many after he showed kindness and care for a hungry homeless man in an Alabama Waffle House. Five year old Josiah Duncan spotted a homeless man sitting ignored and hungry at a table in a Waffle House.

Josiah kept asking his mother why the man was all alone and didn't have any food.

His mother explained that the man might not have a home and that he probably couldn't afford a meal. Upset to hear this, Josiah asked his mum if she would buy the man something to eat.


Indian heatwave claims more lives

The recent heatwave sweeping through India has claimed over 1,000 lives.Temperatures reached 50C in some areas.

Heatwaves have been occurring in the Indian states since mid-April, but most of the deaths were during the past week. In the worst-hit state of Andhra Pradesh, where temperatures had hit to 47C, 852 people had died. One man said they are receiving a little aid from the government but are doing their best as individuals.

He said, "I have personally witnessed the death of a three-year-old child very close to where I stay due to the severe heat. It's very sad."



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