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Father and mother,
Are the best relations,
Parents and children,
Cousins and nephews,
Friends over friends,
And the whole world,
Are relations,
Making strong,
sharp bonds,
Sometimes breaking,
Keeping close,
They are in need,
They are marvellous.

Angel of god

The best parent in the world,
She shows kindness to society,
With a happy face she smiles,
Who never shouts at small children,
She would send me to school,
With tidy dress and hair neatly combed
Keep children happy,
Played with me in my young age,
Cook food like food in heaven,
Feeds me the tastiest food,
She would take me to the children's park,
And spend the time with happy play.
She washes me with a fragrant lotion,
Taughth me how to write,
At night when I go to sleep,
She related interesting stories,
And stayed in silence till I fell asleep,
I think she's an angel of God,
And a gift of God to all of us.


Hell is a never-ending useless fire,
Which many will never, never fear,
Except a liar!
So, he a zealous, naughty youth,
Never has a person's praise,
Heaven, a sweet nation's academy,
Where, everyone will have their own way,
But only with familiarity!

My mother...

The most beautiful person on earth,
My best critic, yet my strongest supporter,
My mother...

The most helpful person on earth,
My best adviser, yet my strongest supporter,
My mother...

The most loving person on earth,
My annoying teacher, yet my strongest supporter,
My mother...

The most graceful person, on earth,
My best, yet my strongest supporter,
My mother...

The most respectable person on earth,
My best questioner, yet my strongest supporter,
My mother...

Love you mom !

Dear mom, where are you?
Without you I'm nothing,
So, don't play hide and seek,
Because I don't want to miss,
You even for a second.
Mom, you are so special,
Because you are a gift from God,
You gave us life,
You showed us the correct path,
You gave us everything even,
If you couldn't afford it,
The only thing we can do,
Is love you.
Always love your mother,
Because you'll never get another.
I love you Mom.


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