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Sunday Politics with Rasika Jayakody

UPFA nominations drama at Keppetipola Mawatha

The United Peopleís Freedom Alliance, with the launch of its election campaign, had a tumultuous week with the party leader, President Maithripala Sirisena, making a fiery statement over the partyís nomination. Apart from the Presidentís statement, the party had to deal with a myriad of issues with regard to nominations for the Parliamentary election.

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Behind Closed Doors

Corridor talk, legal grumbles and portfolio manoeuvres

In an interesting turn of events, the Elections Commissioner, last week, told the media that he would instruct electronic media stations to stop telecasting President Sirisenaís recent address to the nation in which he commented on the UPFA nominations.

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catíS eye

The President addresses the media

And what an address it was! He really and truly dropped a couple of bombshells and this cat lapped what spilled out with utter glee. Of course it was dynamite that emerged from the bomb wonderful Sirisena dropped but to this cat it was cream, making her so satisfied.

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