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Sunday, 26 July 2015





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Made for Toads

A sunny day
Is made for toads
To play and leap
Down dusty roads.

A rainy day is made for frogs

To swim in swamps
And under logs,
or weather bright,
for some, the day
will be just right


My School Pledge I pledge today to do my best In reading maths and all the rest. I promise to obey the rules, In my class and in our school. I'll respect myself and others too, I'll expect the best in all I do, I am here to learn all I can, To try my best and be all I am. (

Welcome Back! A brand-new school year starts today Soon summer will have passed, I have so much for you to learn, The time will go so fast! There's reading and spelling, And a little maths drill, too, A touch of art and science, Teamwork will get us through! I'm always here to help you, Please try to do your best, Show me that you really care, On every task and every test! (

Water Water looks blue, The sky does, too, Water can turn to vapour, And rain back down on you. Water freezes to ice - It makes your drink cool and nice, What a wonder is water - It is the cycle of life!


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