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Government Gazette

UNHRC Geneva:

US draft resolution backs Govt mechanism

The draft of the resolution to be submitted by a group of member states led by the United States to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva next week has endorsed the new mechanisms proposed by the Government for a comprehensive review and investigation of human rights violations and other injustices in the country in recent years and asks the world community to provide all possible help to Sri Lanka.

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Rajiva out of Liberal Party

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha who had filed a case (DSP/108/2015) against the Liberal Party and its party officials at the District Court of Colombo on August 4, 2015 withdrew the case on September 17, 2015 before Colombo District Judge, T.D.Gunasekara.

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Perks before portfolios?

The culture of portfolios and perks continue even after the election of a new government, at the August 17 general elections, with its estimated running costs amounting to megabucks.

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Duty free vehicle bonanza:

63 new parliamentarians to get vehicle permits

Some 63 new parliamentarians elected to the 8th Parliament on August 18 are eligible for duty free vehicle permits. According to highly informed sources, a newly elected parliamentarian is entitled to a duty free vehicle permit worth US$ 50,000. A vehicle permit is issued to MPS who have not received a vehicle permit for the last five years.

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