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Running in the families, a haal messas’ alliance and a hero’s selfie

Haal messas’ alliance

The minor political parties who cling to the UPFA tag in the Opposition are now holding discussions to form what they call a ‘grand coalition’ for the Local Government elections in March. They had originally hoped to get the former king as their vote-catching king-pin but they seem to be failing in this desperate move to prop up their political future.

Apparently, the former king has shied away from this haal messa alliance and now the lion cub of Boralugoda is entrusted with the task of leading the planned new front.

The group is also supported by the rabble-rousing Blues of the A-raamaya cabal who fear imminent expulsion from the blue party.

However, information surfaced last week that a key member of the ex-royal family, who spent several months in a luxurious jail in the recent past, is playing a behind-the-scenes role in the planned new alliance. He was the one who stepped down from all the key positions he held in the blue party, accepting responsibility for the former king’s defeat.

This royal’s new role in the alliance is a puzzle to many in the political world. Some are of the strong belief that he is the former king’s proxy in the nascent political alliance. However, with friends like him, the haal messas alliance does not need many enemies, especially where elections are concerned.

Sporty Pavulvaadaya

Although the yahapalana government brought one family rule to an end, another set of families are now thriving in the guise of good governance. Among them is a certain rotund family from an adjacent district to Colombo, which is quite popular for political sports and sporty politics.

A big brother of this family recently received a new appointment to a top echelon of the

government for his contribution to bringing the 10-year-long royal family rule to an end. Perhaps to celebrate his achievement, he appointed one of his siblings to head a key state institution coming under his ministry. Not surprisingly, this move earned the wrath of hundreds and thousands of people who voted for a change, ending a decade-long family rule.

At a recent event in the capital city, a friend had asked the big brother of the rotund family as to why he appointed his brother to head an institution coming under his ministry. He also asked whether it did not amount to pavulvaadaya (family bandyism)

In response, the politico said his brother was picked for the top government job mainly because he was the ‘most lovable’ sibling of the family!

Uncle in Green nephew’s staff

Meanwhile, another politico of the Green party and a strong critic of the former royal family, has secretly appointed one of his uncles to a key position in his staff. Apparently, the politico’s portfolio too is something to do with the Greens.

“If his uncle is so clever, he should have allowed him to work in another institution coming under someone else. Appointing his uncle to his own staff is ridiculous!” one minister was heard grumbling behind closed doors on the sidelines of the kitchen cabinet meeting held last week. Some unhappy ministers decided to raise this matter with the higher authorities of the government as such appointments make a mockery of the so-called yahapalanaya.

Hero-Selfie at Immigration

The new trademarks of Hero-Wansa’s political career seems to be passports and ID cards. Last Friday, he ran into fresh trouble for using a diplomatic passport, circumventing standard procedures.

After the initial round of questioning, immigration authorities at the airport, handed over Hero-Wansa to the most secretive unit of the Police to conduct further investigations.

The politico was taken into the office run by the Police unit at the airport to carry out further inquiries.

As he entered the office, Weerawansa stopped for a moment to click a selfie, leaving everyone in utter confusion. It became clear to all that clicking selfies was more important to Hero-wansa than facing the Police inquiry.

Probably, Hero-wansa is a descendant of Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.


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