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NDB Wealth 'It's Time' Challenge extended

NDB Wealth has extended its innovative online initiative, the 'It's Time' Challenge, by two weeks, facilitating the selection of two additional exemplary people who will benefit from this opportunity. The two-week extension has been put in place to meet a greater response to this challenge than initially anticipated.

Sandun Fernando (right), the second of five winners to be selected as part of
the inaugural NDB Wealth ‘It’s Time’ Challenge, receives a Rs. 50,000 NDB
Wealth account from Chief Operating Officer, NDB Wealth, Ruwan Perera. NDB
Wealth Relationship Manager, Thrishana Pothupitiya looks on.

The NDB Wealth 'It's Time' Challenge will continue to offer participants, for two more weeks, the catalyst that they need to kick start their potential by offering five investments of Rs. 50,000 NDB Wealth accounts.

At the same time, NDB Wealth also selected corporate trainer Sandun Fernando as the challenge's second winner, recently awarding him a NDB Wealth account valued at Rs. 50,000 for his social transformation.

A team of expert NDB Wealth financial planners singled Fernando for his passion in using his corporate training and motivational-speaking talent to help those less fortunate, via various not-for-profit undertakings, which has helped them to advance in life.

CEO, NDB Wealth, Prabodha Samarasekera said, "We at NDB Wealth have identified in Fernando the commitment, willingness to succeed and forward thinking that is essential for Sri Lanka's future. His efforts to help those less fortunate than himself, by contributing his time and services makes him doubly suitable as our newest NDB Wealth 'It's Time' Challenge ambassador, spurring on others to take the challenge and make the much-needed change in their lives."

As a precursor to the launch of a new range of innovative NDB Wealth lifestyle plans, the 'It's Time' Challenge offers participants the chance to earn an investment worth Rs. 50,000 weekly, for five weeks.


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