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Asian Paints introduces loyalty program

Asian Paints has launched a multi-dimensional loyalty program which will contribute to the empowerment of local painting technicians.

Asian Paints, Brand Ambassador Kumar Sangakkara (centre) with a painter who received the ‘Masterstrokes’ Membership Card (second left) and (from left) Director and General Manager, Asian Paints (Lanka), Jacob Kuruvilla, Assistant General Manager, Marketing, Channa Hewage and Brand Manager Tariq Fawzi.

Over 1,100 professional building painters of the Western and Southern Provinces of the country were registered and enrolled into 'Masterstrokes' in a single evening at the launch of the program at the 'Eagles Lakeside' banquet hall recently.

The painters are the first batch of beneficiaries of an initiative that Asian Paints hopes to role out across the country to build professional skills, knowledge, practices and earnings of this segment of the workforce, which uses its products.

Professional painters can register themselves as members via their mobile phones, leading to the creation of a database that will enable Asian Paints to gain an insight into product and brand use, provide training inputs and offer targeted benefits and rewards.

Director and General Manager of Asian Paints (Lanka) Limited, Jacob Kuruvilla said, "Masterstrokes takes our engagement with professional painters in Sri Lanka to a new level. Asian Paints has a wide product range in the local decorative paints industry, and as we produce new and increasingly innovative products, there is a need to raise the skill levels of the artisans who work with it."

"Masterstrokes is a demonstration of our commitment to develop the local market and the livelihoods of the painters," he said.

Asian Paints Brand Ambassador Kumar Sangakkara called on painters to take pride in their profession and said that the loyalty program was an opportunity to gain an impetus in their progress and build a relationship with the company.

Asian Paints is among the top decorative paints manufacturers in the world, with annual sales of over US$ 2.2 billion. The company has 28 manufacturing facilities in 18 countries and serves consumers in 65 countries.



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