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A LUX French Rose Revolution!

Lux has once again revolutionized the way women experience fragrances by infusing it with the fine fragrances in its exciting new range of soap. LUX Soft Touch and LUX Silk Sensation, the fragrance for both soaps created by Master Perfumer Martin Koh and Perfumer Stefanus Agung Nugroho, of the reputed House of Firmenich, were introduced to local media via a special sensorial experience session held at Arcade in Colombo. Following the media launch the new news of the 'Best Lux fragrances' was brought to life to consumers near arcade and the independence square via a unique Lux Rose Parade, which left bystanders and onlookers awestruck!

Presently, roses are one of the key dominant elements in fine fragrance concoctions - a definitive and singular tone that takes centre stage, which is rare in any breed of perfume. Also, unlike in previous eras of trends and tantalizing scents, a fine fragrance isn't limited to a bottle anymore. That is why Lux is different. So rather than use it sparingly and strategically, Lux's fine fragrances give you the chance to immerse yourself in the perfect scent - so the benefit of smelling great isn't just for everyone else, but intimately for you.

The Lux Rose Parade' comprising of 50 beautiful girls took to the streets to introduce the two new soaps. The Lux Rose Girls, some on bicycles and some on foot communicating the LUX fine fragrance message circled the Independence Arcade which was the venue for this spectacular launch .

As the parade took to the streets, the Lux Rose Girls introduced the LUX Soft Touch and Silk Sensation soaps to the large crowds who had gathered by giving away a specially created fragrance infused pink French Roses as a complimentary gift. Soap samples too were handed out, while fragrance strips containing the Fine Fragrance of the Re-launched range were distributed.

Addressing the gathering, Unilever's skin cleansing category head Nilushi Jayatileke said, "At Lux(r), we work with the world's best perfumers to create beauty treats infused with fine fragrances. Ourgoal? For each Lux shower to be a delight to the senses, making women feel fabulously feminine, every day".

Master Perfumer Martin Koh, of the House of Firmenich, is well-respected for his years of experience in the industry which are marked by creativity and craftsmanship. According to Koh, "LUX Soft touch is a Classic Pink beauty profile, built with an elegant and feminine floral bouquet centred around roses. fruits blended with an oriental base notes add the blossoming yet caring touches to complete the experience.".

Perfumer Stefanus Agung Nugroho, also of the House of Firmenich and the creator of Silk Sensation, says that in creating LUX Silk Sensation he was inspired by his travels in India. " I wanted to create a scent that evokes the enduring beauty of the people I met. The pure elegance of Indian Jasmine epitomizes that memory. I hope this creation would touch the heart of each and every woman and bring her a smile of happiness." Lux White Silk Sensation has an opulent bouquet of intoxicating white florals , wrapped in the creaminess of musk and precious amber, and the lingering rich aromas of sandal and cedarwood .

The five-day LUX Rose parade commenced its tour of the streets of Colombo and the suburbs of Western Province on October 20, giving consumers an opportunity to experience the new fine fragrance of Lux.


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