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Derrick J. captivates his fans

The fans of Sri Lankan born Derrick Junkeer kept their date with him last Thursday to enjoy his romantic renditions of songs that were the golden hits of singers like Englebert Humperdinck and Tom Jones. It all happened at the popular High Tea performance at the Galadari Hotel.

Derrick Junkeer or Derrick J as as he is fondly known wowed his fans no end as he stepped down from the stage and moved among the guests who were thrilled to sway and clap to the rhythms of his songs. He encouraged them to sing along with him and to quote a cliché "they were in seventh heaven"!

Although he is now domiciled in Melbourne, Derrick J has not lost his touch in entertaining music lovers both young and old - something that he has been doing for more than 25 years. His appearances on the TV specials 'Good Morning Australia' escalated his popularity and he is now a household name in Melbourne.

His rich and powerful vocals laced with warmth, passion and sincerity were the key to his overwhelming success. Kudos to the Galadari Hotel for featuring him at their High Tea afternoons and giving his fans especially to those who were unable to catch his appearance at his formal concert in Colombo, an opportunity to see him in performance.

But Derrick J was not alone at this appearance. Supporting him in this 'thrilling musical journey' was the vivacious and beautiful Danielle Faour, 23 years old and herself a recognised singer in Melbourne. Modern in style she was on a different track to Derrick J yet she captured the attention of the guests as she sang her songs which has brought her recognition in Melbourne. Now a competent singer/composer Danielle's song 'Hey Daniel' won her fame with the prize being the filming of her song on YouTube. The future looks bright for Danielle, who when she is not involved in composing her songs, enjoys performing at musical theatres.

It was an afternoon that saw the guests lavishing the High Tea spread while enjoying the musical vibes of Derrick J and Danielle. That they would make a return we hope is on the cards.

Ishan Bahar

Derrick J


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