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Dreams children cherish

Dreams, at times, do come true. All dreams can come true if we have the courage to realize them. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. You too could tell us your dream. Mail us your contact number along with your photograph to [email protected] titled “Dreams children cherish” or mail us your photograph along with your contact number to “Junior Observer,” Lake House, No. 35, D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha, Colombo 10 and we will get in touch with you. This week we highlight some of the dreams and aspirations of young people.

My dream is to assist, advise and guide people

“I would like to be a professional counsellor one day and help people. My dream is to assist, advise and guide people on personal problems and difficulties,” says Zainab Riyadh who studies in Grade 6 at Al- Manar National School, Handessa, Kandy. Zainab likes to see a calm and peaceful society. People are busy with their lives due to the advancement in technology. They are always under stress and she will help them to overcome stress. She says that this had been her childhood dream and that she will visit almost all the institutes, workplaces, hospitals and schools and counsel people to overcome stress and lead a happy life.



My cousin inspires me

Natalie Dulakshi Lyndell Fernandopulle who studies in Grade 5 at St. Bridget's Convent says her dream is to become a doctor and help the poor and the sick.

She says that her cousin who is studying Medicine in Australia inspired her to be a doctor. “He studies and works hard. I like his determination to be a doctor and do a service to society.

My parents help me in my studies. They make my lessons easy for me to understand. One day, I will enter the Medical College and pass out as a doctor. I will diagnose a patient's illness and give the proper medication,” she said.

I yearn to be a doctor

Manal Caalib's dream is to become a doctor and serve people. She studies in Grade 2 at Kandy Girls’ High School. She likes to treat patients with care and proper medicine. She says, “I will make all the patients happy and contented.” “I will take care of my younger siblings when my parents are not at home. I will help them in their studies and play with them. I like children a lot so I will be kind towards them,” she said.





I wish to buy a BMW Car

A dream of owning a white BMW is the dream of Fathima Salma Nuhman.

She studies in Grade 6 at Al- Manar National School, Handessa, Kandy. She says one day she will buy a BMW car made in Germany. She admires the looks of a BMW which has unique features. "It has a powerful engine and its speed is its special feature. “BMW stands for 'Bavarian Motor Works' and it was an engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. One day when I leave school and get a job, I will buy my dream car,” she said.



I long to use a stethoscope

Being a doctor is my dream, Oneli Perera who studies in Grade 7 of Musaeus College, Colombo says. She comes from a family where both their parents are doctors and she has seen the way her parents treat their patients. They do it with love and care. Oneli says that her parents have been her inspiration and that they help her a lot in her studies. "I always like to handle a stethoscope. I will be a doctor one day and examine patients well," she said.


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