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Challenges beyond January 1

Every year, business leaders kick off January with a series of events including celebrations, recognizing and rewarding employees, new goal setting, strategy formulation and alignment, motivational programs and plans to accomplish goals in the coming months.

Communication can be the first step to making real, meaningful changes - changes for improvement. And then managing the mindset of the employees throughout the year. Every single day is critical, hence maintaining high energy level is crucial to business success.


Whether we like it or not, this year will be tougher than last year in many ways. Despite the looming world economic downturn, even if the local macro environment improves expanding our markets, each business will have more competition. Competition intensified over the past two years with permanent peace dawning. Even if none of these work as barriers, meeting your stakeholders' mounting expectations will pose incremental challenges.

If you raise your own expectations on top of the expectations of others, you will challenge yourself to get the best out of yourself for improved bottom-line. It's not doing the same we did last year but doing it differently for the same result. If we want more - we have to change at a higher degree.


Clearly explain to each employee what is expected of him or her during this year. Also, remind them of why he or she was given that specific role. Raise your level of expectation aligning with the challenge and goals.

If your employees know that you expect more out of them within realistic boundaries, they'll be encouraged to be committed.

On the other hand, if your employees think the management doesn't trust that they can perform at a high level, they won't be motivated to do any more than the least amount of work necessary to get their pay.

Set specific communication times and timelines. To run a successful business, the employer and employee must be on the same page, working towards a common goal.

It's necessary to have open lines of communication. Deciding how often to meet and review - whether on a weekly or monthly basis - will streamline issues and questions and ensure that important items are addressed and timely decisions are taken.

Motivation is key to tap into the inner power of people. Motivation is two-fold - internal and external motivation. Internal is self and external is by others.

Job satisfaction

What is more fruitful and sustainable is a person's own personal motivational forces.

Creating an organizational environment within which employees can gain job satisfaction is the only way for inner motivation of employees. For the employer this means optimum realizable quality results through people.

Self-motivation is more long lasting and effective - it's a win-win for the employee and employer.

Inspire self-motivated staff by trusting them to work on their own initiatives rather than leader imposed initiatives. It's a mind game - and it all depends on how you manage the mindset of the employees as a leader.



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