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Winner: An autobiography of a car

I was a beautiful car, but now I have a broken windscreen and damaged headlights. My owner Peter has put me in a garage. Some people stole my engine, the battery and several parts.

In good times, I took my master Peter to work and back.

I also took his family to the playground, to school and shopping. One day my owner sold me to a rich man called Henry. He presented me to his son as a gift. When he saw me, he said, “Oh! This car is splendid.”

One day when Henry was driving me, we met with an accident. My headlights and the windscreen were damaged in the accident. Thereafter an ambulance took Peter to hospital and I was taken to a garage. I was sad.

After a few weeks, I saw Henry and his son driving a new car.

Winner: Importance of education

Man differs from animals because he has the power to think. Moreover, he has the ability to increase his power of thinking through education. In other words education is considered as one of the needs of man.

As much as we need food for our body, we also need education for life. It moulds a person for the right path. Education teaches a person on how to associate with others. In brief, education brightens one’s life. Thus an educated person can be called a civilised man.

Winner: The value of books

Books have been the most popular medium of information for more than a century. Despite the development of radio, television and the cinema, the power of books has not diminished. There are a variety of books. It is useful to gain reading practice and language pronunciation, to progress in the language. Hence books will continue to be the popular means to get information. We can use books for over a hundred years. Some make reading a hobby.

Books are useful to us in various ways. It helps us to spend our leisure usefully. They have many types of stories and also create an interest in national and international affairs. Reading makes a perfect man.

Winner: Water

Although Sri Lanka is only a dot on the world map, mother nature has blessed it with numerous gifts. Water is one of the main requirements of man. It is essential for the survival of man and animals.

Sri Lanka is lucky that she does not have to share water with any other country. Hence she can manage her water resources and minimize environmental hazards.

If we are to preserve the natural beauty of Sri Lanka we have to manage our water resources well. Sri Lanka is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean because of her shape and natural beauty.

Being an agricultural country, we had a fine system of water management. King Parakramabahu the Great said, “Not a single drop of rain should reach the sea without man making use of it.”

The flow of water keeps the ecosystem healthy and productive. But it is sad that people have not realised the value of this natural resource. Let us give this some thought and save water for the survival of man and animals.

Winner: Rocky treasures

Gemmology is the science of precious rocks. The intense heat and pressure deep, under the surface of the earth can transform the most ordinary minerals into extraordinary, beautiful and rare gemstones.

Sri Lanka has about 120 varieties of different gemstones. The most famous is the blue sapphire.

Gemmologists have a scientific approach to gems. They identify gemstones by testing the hardness, lustre and the chemical composition in laboratories.

They use instruments such as microscopes and refractometers to examine the colour and clarity of a gemstone. Professionals such as lapidarists and appraisers will help see the gemstone on its way to a jewellery store where a gem can end up on a ring or as a part of a necklace.

Health is wealth

It is important to consume nutritious food to lead a healthy life. Nutrients are important for growth, repair of tissues, protection from illnesses and to provide energy. Reduced energy, mental fitness, poor immunity, long term illness and poor health are some symptoms of a unhealthy person.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), good health is not only being free from diseases but also to have physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Our behaviour and lifestyle has a great influence on our health. Good eating habits, exercise, appropriate BMI, adequate sleep, stress management and a simple lifestyle are some examples that will help to achieve perfect health.


My name is Fathima Zamla. I am 13 years old. I study at Meelad Muslim Vidyalaya in Colombo. I am in Grade eight. My father’s name is Saleem and my mother’s name is Jansi. I have two brothers and one sister. My favourite food is noodles. I like the colour pink. My favourite animal is the zebra. I like to play badminton and my hobby is drawing.


All living beings need water. We can live for a few days without food but we cannot live without water. Water is found in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and seas. It is found as solid in ice form and as gas in vapour and clouds.

We need water for our daily chores such as cooking, bathing and washing. Water is necessary for agricultural purposes. Water is also necessary to grow plants and for running power plants. It is essential to conserve this precious life-giving liquid.

My best friend

My best friend is Senuja is nine-years-old. He lives in Himbutana and studies at Mahanama College. He relishes bananas. Senuja's favourite colour is red and his favourite sport is rugby. He likes to play badminton. His hobby is gardening. We go to the park every Sunday. Senuja is very clever and helps me in my studies. He has a pet dog. Senuja is tall and smart. He is good in his English. He hopes to be a doctor one day.


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