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Wowing with Fragrant Gold

Unilever's iconic beauty brand Lux, which has been making headlines recently as a result of a host of innovations, including a French Fine Fragrance being at the heart of its soap, will wow the nation with their latest innovative promotion of 'Lux Fragrant Gold' .

For the very first time, consumers will have the opportunity of experiencing and wearing Fine Fragrance, which is now not limited to a bar of soap, but in a beautifully crafted pendant, made of gold and infused with the signature Lux Fine Fragrance.

"Lux has over the years been synonymous with beauty and glamour, and now we will be giving our consumers the opportunity of wearing Fine Fragrance infused jewellery, thus creating yet another milestone in Lux' unique and star studded history" said Sharmila Bandara - Marketing Director Personal Care.

The Lux Fragrant Gold promotion which commenced on January 16 will continue until March 11, with the promotion taking the form of all Lux soap bars containing a unique code. "Consumers will have the ability of texting in the unique code on the bars to a dedicated hotline 0720 444 000, with a total of Four draws being held every fortnight, with a Lux Fine Fragrance infused gold pendant being given out per day for the entire period of the promotion to the lucky winners ".

Swarnamahal will be partnering Unilever for this unique promotion. Fifteen Swarnamahal outlets and 48 ETI outlets island wide will carry the message. The unique pendant will be on display at all 15 Swarnamahal outlets during the promotion from February.

The Lux rose parade will also commence across the country as part of the promotion, with the Lux Rose Girls distributing roses, soap bars and fragrance strips to passersby, thus giving every woman the opportunity of experiencing the Magic and Excitement of Lux and its French Rose inspired fragrance. Leaflets outlining details of the promotion will also be handed out. "Consumers for the first time will be able to experience the splendor of fragrance infused gold during the course of the parade as well", said Inura Jayasuriya the Assistant Brand Manager.


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