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Short Story

The turning point

"What did you bring to me as Valentine Day gift?" asked Nalaka from his girl friend Nethra. They were seated on a bench at the Galle Face Green in the morning hours under a parasol.

"I have brought a small gift as I could not afford to buy something valuable as I am still unemployed" said Nalaka, stretching it to her.

Receiving it with both her hands, she said, "I do not mind whether it is a small or valuable gift. The gift itself speaks a lot about your love to me. Thanks dear".

"My neighbour, Joy uncle, told me that he would very soon get me a job. If I get it I will give you a gift on every salary day." He assured her with so much of love and kindness for which she pleaded, "Please do not think of spending so much for gifts. Think of saving for our marriage".


Cuddling her closer he joked whether her thoughts were so deep towards the marital life.

She asked him, "Should not it be so? The sooner the better. You are handsome and some other girl may try to attract you and then you will leave me".

He was a bit worried about the doubt she had on him. He said, pointing his finger towards the sea, "Those waves may leave the sea, but never will I desert you. The sea may swallow me but never will my mind erase you. The sea in jealousy may rise to physically separate us but will not succeed in it."

His assurances were many. She held him tight for such loving words and then they departed from the Green.


"Amma, Nalaka said that he will get a job soon, therefore you need not worry about our affair. We could arrange the wedding in early January, next year", Nethra said to her mother at home. Mother was in great fear in regard to her love with Nalaka who was unemployed. Though she tried to discourage Nethra in continuing the love, she failed. The love appeared to be very strong.

Uncle Joy found him a job in a tourist resort at Beruwala. He was satisfied with the work, salary and of other benefits, specially financially. As he had to stay in the resort he could not meet Nethra often like earlier but once or twice a month. Hand phones were helpful to them.

One evening when they were at the Mt.Lavinia beach, Nethra told Nalaka that her mother wanted the marriage to be held in January. "Why wait for January, why not make it next month itself", asked Nalaka.

"Are you in such a hurry to eat the meals prepared by your mother-in-law?" she questioned in return.

"That means, you would not prepare them".

"No. Mummy will attend to it. I will only be with you before you go to work and then after your return."

"That means, active in love and lazy to work".


Thus they enjoyed their petty questions and answers.

Suddenly there appeared a few women, a couple of men and some children on the beach. They rushed towards the sea to enjoy themselves tugging up their dresses up to knee length.

An unexpected high wave rolled towards the beach and on its return took away a small child. All of them screamed for help and Nalaka rushed to rescue the boy. But neither Nalaka, a good swimmer, nor the boy could be seen.

It appeared both to have been carried away to the sea.

Nethra could not believe that Nalaka had gone forever. She pleaded from the gathered crowd to find him, but nobody moved.

They only consoled her. Divers tried their best till dusk and it was in the morning the body of the child was found and of Nalaka missing forever.

The memories of the last Valentine's Day they were together would appear in her mind every Valentine's Day. She never got married despite her mother, relatives and friends requesting and advising her. Part of her life she spent on involving in religious activities.


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