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Colour code your day With numerology

Every single way you can infuse a day with intention will make it more powerful and more positive. With feng shui you can make conscious choices to infuse more of your life and home with personal reminders of what you want to create.

There are so many ways to infuse your life with intention and more positive energy and magic. Here we look at how you can tap into the energy of each day and use colour to enhance the special days- from the clothes you wear to the food you eat to the pen you write with- all to add more enchantment and creativity and personal power to your life!

Personal days and personal colours

Numerology is an age-old way of understanding people and the world around us. There are many forms of numerology. From Babylonia, we have Chaldean numerology, from China we have Chinese numerology dating back to 4,000 years, and Pythagorean numerology (yes, the great contributor to geometry), dating back to the 6th century B.C. in Greece.

Energy is all around us. Numerology is the belief that all numbers carry a vibration, and the energy behind each number carries personality traits, strengths, and difficulties. You can consider each number as having a personality or essence and depending on where it resides in your chart, and how it gets along with other numbers in different areas of your can facilitate growth and enlightenment, or it can present lessons that we need to learn. Your personal day is a combination of how your month and day of birth are influenced by the current month, day and year. This day will carry a specific vibration for you and, understanding its essence can help you take advantage of the benefits it can adorn you with. Each number has a corresponding colour that will energise the vibration of your personal day.

How to calculate your personal day number

Let's start with your personal year number. This is done by adding your day of birth and month of your birth to the current year. Then reduce that number to a single digit. For example: If you were born on April 8, add the numerical value of the month (4), the day of your birth (8) to the current year (2016). The equation will then be (4 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6) = 3. Your personal year would be 3.

Next find your personal month. This is found by adding the current month to your personal year number. The current month is April with a numerical value of 4. So you add (4 + 3) = 7. Your personal month would be 7.

Lastly, find your personal day number. Simply add the current day, to your personal month number. Let's say today is the 10th. The equation would be (10 + 7) =17. Reduce to a single digit by adding (1 + 7) = 8. Personal day is 8.

1: This personal day is one of newness, fresh beginnings and novel ideas. On this day you should start a new project, as this can be the perfect day for ideas about new businesses or creative endeavours. This is also a great day to make decisive decisions and show your leadership skills.

Colour: Red. This colour will spark the energy and confidence you will need to brave where no one's gone before. Red is a bold, powerful and a courageous colour.

2: This is a great day to work with others in a group or team setting. Your patience and cooperation are at high levels today, which is great for leading groups forward, enabling others to work harmoniously together and to push a project or effort forward. This is also a great day to meet up with friends and be social.

Colour: Orange. This colour carries the vibration of harmony, peace and balance.

3: On your personal day of the 3, you should focus on expressing yourself through any and all creative mediums. Writing, painting, singing....this is a day to experience the joys that life has to offer. This is also a day to let things go and walk through your day feeling light, instead of stressed and burdened. Invite over friends and have a laugh.

Colour: Yellow. This colour will help you shine brightly. Yellow is great for creativity, communication and optimism.

4: This is a great day to be constructive, as well as practical. This number likes to pay attention to the minor details so it is a great time to organize and clean your home. This is also a good time to re-structure your budget, and take care of financial matters and business dealings.

Colour: Green. This is a colour that carries the vibration of prosperity, wealth, growth and responsibility.

5: This is a day that could be filled with surprises. The number 5 carries the vibration of versatility, change, adventure and excitement. This is an excellent day to plan a day trip and feel the thrill of exploring new places and people. This is not a particularly good day to start something that requires concentration and patience.

Colour: Blue. This colour carries the vibration of peace and growth.

6: This is the number of love, balance, nurturing and intuition. Today is a day to trust your instincts on matters of the family and heart. This is a day you might find family and friends leaning on your shoulder for support or asking for answers to their personal problems. The number of the 6 focuses on family and nurturing, making it a fantastic day to create a harmonious haven in your home for family and friends.

Colour: Indigo. Wearing this colour will increase your comforting nature, intuition, power and penchant for helping others.

7: Today is a day that you might feel more analytical and reserved, compared to most days. This is a day for introspection and self-analysis. A person with a personal day of the 7 usually will find comfort in spending some quality time alone. This is also a great day for meditating and problem-solving.

Colour: Purple. This colour will increase your spirituality, psychic ability, and intuition.

8: This number carries the vibration of leadership and money. Today is a day you might feel extra charged and motivated to get things done. It's a great time to be authoritative and delegate and supervise work that needs to get done in your home or place of work. This is also an ideal deal time to look over your personal/and or business finances.

Colour: Beige, Black, Gray or White - These 'colours' carry the vibration of leadership and authority and wearing them will enhance you productivity and prosperity.

9: The number 9 being the last in the sequence of numerology numbers, (aside from master numbers) usually symbolises the end of a period or circumstance and the beginning of something new. This number also carries the vibration of charitable and humanitarian projects. This is a great time to help someone in need and expand the insular view of your environment (which we all tend to do) into one of a worldly nature.

Colour: Gold. Wearing the colour gold will enhance you power, wealth and wisdom.

As with all things, when you live with more intention, you tap into so much more of your personal power. Whatever you focus on will grow, so stay focused on what you love!


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