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Marriage Proposals
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About our son fair slim 5’6” handsome, born 1985 July. Academically / professionally qualified slim fair pretty daughter is sought by professional and business owned father and housewife mother Karawa / Govi residing in Colombo suburb. (Bride’s caste immaterial). Our son is a genuine teetotaller, non-smoker, secured first class honours in Business Administration from Sri Lankan University, completed CIMA (U.K.). He is Finance Executive to a Colombo based multinational company. Inherits recently built two storeyed house and other substantial assets in Colombo suburb. Only sister is a doctor, married. Reply with family details in full / horoscope. Email: [email protected]

About 5’8” Buddhist Govi Kandyan caste immaterial, age 23, kind hearted fair, handsome son living in Austrlaia working full time. Brought up with Buddhist Sinhalese cultural values migrated 20 years back, parents seek educated fluent in English. Pretty, fair, age 23, or under daughter. Reply with family and contact details. Email: [email protected]

About : Australian citizen, very handsome, kind-hearted, young looking, fair, smart, born 1975, NS, 5’11”, qualified in Electronics Engineering. Works in a reputed Engineering Company in Australia. Divorced after an unfortunate marriage, no encumbrances or children. Catholic Teacher parents seek educated daughter for son, younger siblings are educated & settled in USA. Substantial assets. Religion immaterial. Reply to : [email protected] or 0112980941.

Academically and professionally qualified daughter is sought by G/B well established family for their NS/TT son 6’2’’ born in 1984. He is computer science graduate work in state computer Engineering Dept and Residing in U.S.A. with parents. He is a dual citizenship holder and will inherits assets in both countries. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B father for his 5’4” tall divorced as the innocent party with no encumbrances Govt. MBBS, MD doctor son born in 1971. Please reply with family details, contact numbers and horoscope. E-mail : [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty Christian daughter is sought by Sinhalese Christian mother for her only child. He is 32 years, 5’9” handsome, NS/TT, completed Bachelor’s and Master’s in leading Universities in Australia. He is an IT professional and Australian citizen. Reply: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified Software engineer U.S permanent resident age 33+, 5’7” professional Govi Buddhist parents in Sri lanka, seek marriage partner for son, send family details with horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified slim fair pretty never married partner below 38 years with great personality living in UK (preferred) or Overseas (willing to migrate to UK) sought by respectable B/K mother for son, never married, migrated to UK at 20, now 45+, fair very young looking and very smart, down to earth with great personality 5’ 9”, M.Sc qualified freelancing IT consultancy in London. Drawing a substantial income very well established, owning his house outright and substantial other assets in UK. Please reply to: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well mannered daughter is sought by Govigama Buddhist parents for their NS / TT Engineer son 31, 5’10”, who is brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values, working in Australia. Reply with family details, Contact numbers & horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified, well mannered and very kind-hearted daughter is sought by Govi Buddhist parents for theri son born in 1985, 6ft, fair and handsome NS/TT holding Double Masters and working in USA. Those who are studying and working in USA or like to migrate USA are preferred. Reply with Tel. Number and HC. [email protected]

Academically Professionally qualified fair pretty daughter below 38yrs sought by a respectable Govi Buddhist family from suburbs of Colombo for Eldest Son 44yrs 5’7” Very young looking never married NS/TT work as a Programme Manager at an International Organization.Please reply with family details and horoscope to [email protected]

Academically qualified pretty pleasant daughter is sought by B/G parents for their 37 yrs. tall handsome NS/TT son holding a Senior Management position in a multinational company in Sri Lanka. Drawing a six figure salary. Legally divorced with no encumbrances, after a short marriage. Inherits property in Sri Lanka and overseas. Reply with family details. Email: [email protected]

Academically qualified pretty, fair daughter willing to migrate, studying or employed in Australia is sought by respectable sinhala Buddhist K/G retired parents in Colombo district for their younger son 32 years, 5’7” tall, fair, handsome, NS/TT and permanently employed as a Business Analyst in a reputed company in Melbourne (PR Holder). Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Academically (MBA UK & B.Sc SL) Australian citizen, NS/TT, professionally Head Chef in Perth, 5’4”, aged 37, Govi, Sinhala, Negombo Catholic mother seeks a pretty, slim, well mannered and educated professional daughter for her kind and caring only son.Differences immaterial ([email protected]).

Academically and professionally qualified fair pretty daughter is sought by B/S parents for their son, 29 yrs, 5'10" NS/TT dual citizen living in Australia who is highly qualified both academically and professionally holding a senior position in globally renowned company in Australia. Family living in Australia is preferred. Reply with horoscope and details to [email protected]

An Educated well-mannered fair pretty age below 42 marriage partner uphold Sri Lankan culture for divorced (plaintiff) brother with academic & professional qualifications, well employed in Sri Lanka in a Higher Managerial position. No encumbrances, Smart & young looking, kind hearted, Sinhalese, Govi with excellent, desirable qualities, N/S, T/T, 48 years, 5’8” cast religion differences immaterial please respond with full family and contact details. E-mail: [email protected]

A Buddhist G/K family from Colombo suburbs seek a pretty, cultured, educated daughter from a decent family for their eldest son 30 years, non-smoker teetotaller. He is academically and professionally qualified overseas. Presently attached to a leading private organization as an Executive. Both parents are retired from the private sector after holding senior positions and well established. Only borther is an engineer. The proposed son inherits assets to lead a comfortable life. Please reply with full details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

A girl from a social & ancestral background between 30 - 37 years, is sought for a Senior Internal Auditor working for a foreign company, owning assets worth 300 million. Father retired from a high administration post. The groom studied abroad. Please reply with similar background. (Nekatha - Siyawasa - Lagna - Makara) to: [email protected]

A pretty daughter born after 1986 from a respectable family is sought for B/S handsome son, NS/TT, BSc (Hons) degree from University of Moratuwa, holding an executive position in a well reputed construction company, drawing attractive salary over Rs. 225,000/=, inherits modern luxury house and other substantial assets, born 1984, 5’4” height. [email protected]

Bodu, Govi professional parents living abroad seek an academically and professoinally qualified, fair bride for their elder son born in September 1987, 5’4” height, graduated as a Chemical Engineer and MBA, both from top UK Universities. Proposed son is currently working in Qatar as a Regional Sales Manager for a globally acclaimed American manufacturing firm in the water technologies sector. For extended details about proposed son and family, please reply with the family details along with the horoscope to the e-mail: [email protected]

Buddhist parents seek a professionally qualified daughter (MBBS Dr in Australia/ Sri Lanka) for handsome son 28, 5’ tall a registered Nurse in Melbourne. 0112901935 - [email protected]

B/G Professional parents Colombo suburbs seek educated fair/ meidum complexioned pretty well mannered daughter from respectable family for 1989 Oct. youngest son 5’8” fair smart N/S T/T BSc Software Engineer with valuable assets, brother engineer USA. Sister doctor. Non malefic horoscope. Details contact No. horoscope to [email protected]

B/G professional parents from Colombo suburbs seek an absolutely pretty and fair educated daughter around 26 for their handsome son born 1984, 5’10” graduated Computer Science from USA and at present working as a Senior IT Engineer in US Government and US green card holder. Caste and religion immaterial. T.P. 0112789844. Email: [email protected]

Colombo suburbs G/K Buddhist parents seek pleasant daughter for son studied in a leading school Colombo holding a managerial position in private sector. Attractive salary, inherits valuable assets including a house. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo suburb educated B/K parents seek educated pretty slim fair employed daughter for 5’6” 28 years handsome NS/TT son Lecturer leading University. Reply family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo suburb respectable G/B parents seek pretty, slim, fair, daughter for their 31 years, 5’ 8” (B.Sc, MSc London) smart son working as a Finance Manager in the UK. He inherits family printing business, home and property in Sri Lanka. Reply with horoscope, family details. Email: [email protected]

Colombo - Maharagama 28 yrs, Buddhist, Karawa USA qualified, BBA-MBA employed as a Director of a company in Colombo 6” tall, handsome. Looking for beautiful well educated girl by respectable parents. [email protected] 011 2843790.

GB parents in Colombo seek accademically professionally qualified daughter for their 28 years, 5’ 7” in height, graduated Edith Cowan University, Business Management fair handsome teetotaller, non smoker working at a well known private company as a Manager. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist Catholic respectable family from Gampaha District seeks beautiful educated unblemished Daughter below 36years for only Son 42years, 5’8” Handsome, Teetotaler, Nonsmoker, with excellent Character BSc, MBA, FCMA qualified Senior Manager & Consultant in Canadian IT Firm. Owns upstair House, Car substantial assets, willing to reside abroad. Reply with Horoscope & Contact information. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo seek an educated daughter for their doctor son 5’ 7”, 29 yrs, NS/TT presently training in surgery and working as Registrar at NHSL. Father retired Bank Executive, two daughters elder to him are also doctors and married. Reply with family details, horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo seek an educated pretty slim daughter for their son age 32 and 6 ft tall. He studied at S. Thomas’ College and holds B.Sc, M.Sc Degree from a British University and currently working for a reputed international company as a Web System Engineer. Owns substantial assets. Reply with family details and horoscope to: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents living in Australia seek an educated girl living in Australia, New Zealand or UK for only child age 26, 5’7”, academically qualified Data Analyst. He was born in Australia and brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Govi, Buddhist, upcountry respectable parents from Colombo suburb seek a pretty, fair and well educated daughter below 25 years from a similar background and brought up in a Buddhist environment for their smart, well mannered Senior Software Engineer son 27 years, 5’9”, teetotaller, non-smoker and all rounder currently doing postgraduate studies for the marriage in early 2018. Please reply with family details and a copy of a non-malefic horoscope. Email: [email protected]

G/B parents seek a daughter from Australia or NZ for their son, 29, 5’9”, handsome, university educated with a promising career. Reply with horoscope to [email protected]

G/B respectable parents from Colombo suburbs seek educated employed pretty active pleasing daughter from a respectable family for 34 yrs, 6’1”, fair handsome, Royalist, NS/TT kind active son pleasing personality, Senior Lecturer attached to government university. He earned bachelors from esteemed foreign university, also M.Sc University of Moratuwa qualified. Plans for PhD abroad. Reply with details, horoscope, contact numbers. [email protected]

Horana high Govi Buddhist seek pleasant pretty partner below 31 same caste with Sinhala Buddhist values for fair handsome academically and professionally qualified B.Sc, MBA six-figure salaried 35, 5’11” managerial Executive son (Airtel) Thula Kuja Sikuru 7 Berana. 0342266951. [email protected]

Kind, pretty, fair, slim, educated daughter aged between 22-28 is sought by B/K respectable professional Colombo parents for son, 5’ 8 1/2” height, fair, handsome, well mannered, age 30+, looks around 25, TT/NS Electronic & Electrical Engineer (B Eng. /M Eng. foreign University Singapore) currently attached to an Engineering Company in Colombo. He is well-established with substantial assets for a comfortable life to settle in Colombo. Caste, religion, nationality immaterial. Son’s horoscope has Kuja 12, Rahu 7. Kindly reply with family details, H.C. & contact numbers in the first reply. TP. 2737322/ Email: [email protected]

Kurunegala GB mother seeks a suitable bride for her son 1980, 5’8”, fair, handsome, currently involves with family business. English teacher preferred. [email protected]

Malay smart, tall, good looking, groom 33 yrs, from respectable family, presently employed as Head of Finance in SAARC Country, looking for pretty, active, charming Malay bride. Please mail full details to: [email protected]

Moor respectable family from Colombo parents seek pretty bride for their son who is 28 and 5’7” He was married for a short period of 7 months with no encumbrances. Contact on 0112 870 630 [email protected]

Nugegoda B/G retired Bank parents seek academically qualified suitable daughter for their son 30 years, 5’7” tall and IT Graduate employed in Melbourne, Australian PR holder. Reply with copy of horoscope & family details. [email protected]

NW Buddhist respectable business parents seek a fair, slim, beautiful daughter below 24, height below 5’6”, medical student or engaged in higher education, from a respectable family, for their wealthy, Green Card Holder, handsome, NS/TT, 26, 5’9” only son, graduated Computer Science in USA and currently working as a Software Engineer in an international company in USA. Phone number essential. [email protected]

Pretty, educated bride below 36 years is sought by B/G parents for son born in 1976, 5’10’’ tall, CIMA qualified, working in a private company. Inherits substantial assets. E-mail: [email protected]

Professional parents B/G Western Province seek a pretty educated daughter for son MBBS Doctor 32 tall handsome NS/TT inherits assets. Please respond with family details, horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Respectable Sinhala Roman Catholic professional father, mother seek an educated pleasant daughter above 5’ 3” and below 28 years for their educated son (Colombo University Degree) working in a reputed Company. He owns a new vehicle, houses and substantial assets. Please reply to [email protected] with a contact number.

Roman Catholic Sinhala respectable business family seeks an educated kind hearted pretty daughter from a Catholic or Buddhist respectable family for their son 26 years, 5’9”, handsome, educated with sober habits, running his own business. Owns house and assets. 0554921406, 0552222766. [email protected]

Sinhala Bodu Vishwa parents seek daughter for son 38 yrs, 6’ tall, handsome, educated, settled in Australia. Legally separated. Reply with details. [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist professional parents in Canada seek a well mannered daughter with good education to settle down in Canada. Son is fair, handsome 5’7”, 30 years, well established with sober habits. Caste is immaterial. horoscope should be Kuja Shani compatible. Reply with family details, FB, horoscope with place of birth, e-mail and contact info. Email: [email protected]

Sinhala, Govi, Buddhist parents living in Canada for more than 25 years seek educated daughter (preferably in USA / Canada) for their 31 year old, 5’5” well established, professional Engineer / Business Executive son. He is currently working as an associate for a reputed Management Consulting firm in USA. (Graduated with an MBA from a well-recognized US business school). Please reply to Email : [email protected] with full details.

Son 35 yrs, Govi/Buddhist lives in USA height 5’ 11” IT Engineer in a global height Tech seeking a partner below 30 yrs, 0382294908 (Email) [email protected]

Well established and respectable Buddhist Govi parents in Australia seeking a pretty, academically qualified and well-mannered daughter (non-malefic horoscope) from a respectable family for their academically and professionally qualified, well mannered and handsome son (born Oct’ 1987 and height 5’5”), employed in a senior position with a leading company. A daughter from a family currently in Australia / NZ or have had their major studies in one of these countries is preferred. Please reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

1986 June Buddhist Karawa parents seek educated pretty good charactered bride for their handsome son 5’ 6” Senior Software Engineer of leading International company close Colombo BSc/ MBA drawing high salary owning modern car, inheriting two storey house in Colombo suburbs. Only sister is married. Reply with horoscope and contact numbers in first letter.

1991 November Colombo only child Lecturer 5’10” smart honest cultured father Buddhist/G Inherited from upcountry Mother B/K seeks educated cultured daughter from respectable family except Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Forces, Business families studied abroad other professionals need. Apply high cast Hindus are welcomed short term Distant relationship prior to marriage expected apply with horoscope. [email protected]



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