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A beautiful flower,
A sign of smile,
A wonder flower,
A symbol of grace.
They have no face,
But, there is grace.
They have no eyes,
But, seem to see.
Flowers are beautiful,
Flowers are a wonder,
Flowers are fragrant,
Like magic in the earth.

Thirty days has September

Thirty days has September,
April, June and November.
All the rest have thirty-one.
February is the only one,
With twenty eight days on
most years,
And twenty-nine
during a leap year.


King Kashyapa

I built a palace on the top of “Lions Rock”,
And I had 500 wives who were known as “Apsaras”,
I built a magnificent staircase,
Which was known as “Lion's foot”.
I made my artist draw my wives,
Which covered the southern part of the rock,
And I had built so many gardens,
Which gave you people a shock.

The lady in black

A figure of a woman, behind the road,
A shadow so dark,
The grey sky above her.
Her heels made a cracking sound.
Clad in a black cloak,
Her black hat hid her face, but not all.
She had long eyelashes with such a dark mixture.
Her face white as snow, her lips as read as a rose,
A bus I guess or was it not,
Came from the right.
There was a red rose behind the road,
Brilliant red as her lips,
And so glossy in the morning and with life it bloomed,
But next to it was a rose lifeless with shattered petals.
A dead rose which I say consumed by the demon.

(Meaning = Death of a woman
Rose symbolises life
Dead rose symbolises death
Black clothing and gray symbolise
elements of death.)


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