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Winner: The moon

The moon is the largest natural satellite of the Earth. It is the fifth largest satellite of the solar system. It does not possess an atmosphere. It is the closest spherical body to the Earth. It cannot produce its own light. The light we see is the light that is reflected from the sun. When we see the Moon from the Earth its shape varies. But the most beautiful view is its fullest form which we see on Poya Days. The ‘rabbit’ which we see are the craters on its surface. From ancient times people had many ideas about the moon. Some believed it was God and worshipped it. The first person to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

Winner: My favourite subject in school

My favourite subject is Mathematics. It is my favourite subject because I get good marks in each test. I am the student who solved the Mathematics problem first in class. Sometimes I use my mind to solve them. I am lucky that I can solve Mathematics easily. I like Mathematics because my ambition is to become an engineer one day.

Winner: My school

My school is Hillwood College, Kandy. It is situated in the Kandy town. My school was started in 1890. It was initially started to provide education to girls in Kandy. Our first principal was Ms. Elizabeth Bellerby. Our school had started with seven students and one teacher. Our present principal is Mrs. Nelum De Alwis. Now we have nearly 2000 students and 200 teachers. In our school we have three Houses called Jones, Bellerby and Nash. Our school holds special events and plays. We also have many sports in our school. I love my school very much.

Winner: Are we in danger?

Pollution is probably the most serious problem facing the present world. There is pollution of ecosystems such as water, air, soil, and sound. Pollution causes serious damage to our surroundings. It is caused by man because animals don’t pollute the environment. They don’t use polythene, harmful chemicals etc. which harm the environment.

Nowadays pollution has led to global warming which affects the global climate pattern. We are in a dangerous situation and we should contribute towards protecting the environment. I’m a Sri Lankan, so I believe that all Sri Lankans must fight pollution. We can enjoy the beauty of nature and have nothing to fear as we are safe. Planet Earth does not belong only to humans, we are only a part of it. So, remember that we don’t have any right to destroy the environment.

Winner: My hobby

Different people have different hobbies. There are many hobbies. Some of them are reading, gardening, painting, collecting stamps, playing etc. In my leisure time I always read story books and newspapers. I have chosen reading as my hobby. I like to read newspapers in English. My father buys the Junior Observer, Daily News and Funday Times. Mostly I like to read the Junior Observer. I read the Junior Observer to improve my knowledge. Reading the Junior Observer has many advantages.

In the Junior Observer I always read poems and essays. I like the Ritzbury competition and kids news. The science page is very useful for my studies. I enjoy reading the poems. I always attempt Sudoku. Reading is a good hobby and “Reading maketh a full man.” Therefore, all of us must read books and newspapers and improve our knowledge. I love my hobby very much.

My grandfather

My grandfather’s name is Ashoka Premachandra. He is a writer. He is 85 years. He has written many books for children and elders. Some of his works were translated into English. Some of his novels are Ravana, Maha Sammatha Sinhala Wanshaya, Denuwara Ranamadala, Mulleriya Abhimanaya, Cotton Kitten, Baby Star, Tharu Pathiya, Mathapura Suparnika and Hirunige Lokaya.

He has been honoured by the government with the award of Kalabhushana and Kolontote Bhushana. He is very kind and lives happily and healthily. He loves me and my sister. He is tall and fat. He has a happy face. He tells us very beautiful stories. He likes to study history. I wish my grandfather a healthy life. I love him very much.


Sports are essential to our lives. It is very useful to our physical and mental health. Mostly children like to engage in sports. There are two types of sports such as indoor and outdoor. Chess,carom and table tennis are some examples for indoor games. Cricket, football and rugby are some games which are considered outdoor games.

But the pathetic situation is that most of the young generation aren't interested in sports. They are addicted to many other things. Sports develop unity, kindness, friendship, companionship, leadership and faithfulness. Therefore we must try to engage in sports.


My name is Senuja Bathike Kaluarachchi. I am six years old. I am attending Wesley College. I am in Grade One.
My best friend is Zoyan. I have a sister.
I like to eat Revello chocolates. I love swimming and riding the bicycle.

My favourite cartoon is BEN 10.
I want to be a lawyer.

Heroes in my life

My parents are the heroes in my life. They help me with my studies, and to overcome challenges. My mother is a housewife and my father is an Inspector of Police. I love them very much. One day it is my aim to be the hero in their lives.

My leisure time activity

My leisure time activity is growing flowers. I have a good collection of flower plants such as roses, orchids, jasmines, sun flowers and anthuriums. They have different colours and shapes. I have a big flower bed. It gives me mental satisfaction. I can earn an income by selling flowers. Many people visit my flower garden. There is a big demand for roses and orchids because they can be kept fresh for a long time. Birds and butterflies come to my garden. I like my leisure time activity.



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