Expulsion for SLFPers evading punishment

By Uditha Kumarasinghe

Petroleum Resources Development Minister Chandima Weerakkody said if anyone failed to abide by the SLFP Disciplinary Committee decision, he or she could be immediately removed from party membership. The disciplinary committee, the Minister said, could take an ex parte decision as in a court of law, depending on the circumstances.

“The SLFP Central Committee is resolute that it has to maintain party discipline at all cost and a special disciplinary committee will look into cases of violation of discipline,” the Minister told the Sunday Observer.

The Minister said “If anyone wants to take legal action there has to be a basis for it. People can’t resort to legal action without a valid reason. The judiciary is independent. Any person is free to go before Courts and seek relief. However, wrongdoers will not be protected by the judiciary,” he added.

SLFP Senior Vice President and Labour and Trade Unions Relations Minister W.D.J. Senewiratne said the SLFP Central Committee had decided to take disciplinary action against SLFPers who set fire to letters sent to them by the party General Secretary and those who hooted at the party headquarters during the the Joint Opposition’s Paada Yathra.

“The Central Committee also decided to take action against SLFP Puttalam District MP Sanath Nishantha for insulting the party and President Maithripala Sirisena when he said he did not accept President Sirisena’s party leadership,” the Minister said.

”A proposal was brought before the Central Committee to identify those who violated party discipline and not against those who participated in the Paada Yathra,” he added.

Meanwhile, MP Sanath Nishantha told the Sunday Observer that he will seek relief through legal acton if he is suspended from the Party. “They cannot just throw us out of the party. My family has shed blood in the name of this party. The so-called party members who go from one party to another like seasonal birds cannot dictate our fate in the party. I will go before the Supreme Court if and when the need arises,” he said.

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