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A Buddhist Govi, BSc Graduate very pleasant, fair 5' 40 yrs owning substantial assets seeks educated businessman or professional. Divorced after brief marriage, innocent party. email [email protected]  

A suitable good natured partner N/S T/T is sought by Buddhist Govi / Deva mixed respectable parents from Gampaha District for their slim, fair pretty well mannered daughter 28 yrs, 5'3" height. She holds a BSc (Hon.) Degree in MIS employed in a reputed Computer Firm as an Analyst Programmer, free from family encumbrances. Reply with family details and horoscope caste immaterial. Email [email protected]  

Australian permanent resident parents seek a Govi Buddhist, well mannered professionally qualified graduate, permanently employed in Australia, NZ, USA or UK, and similar caste, for their attractive, slim 5'4", 23 year old daughter. She is a Commerce/Accounting graduate permanently employed as an accountant in an international business firm in Australia. Please send family details and a copy of horoscope in first letter. E-mail [email protected]  

Australian resident Buddhist Karawe parents seek suitable good charactered partner for their pretty daughter 25 years, 5'4". Caste immaterial. She is studying part employed possesses and inherits wealth. Full details including telephone email etc. by first correspondence. Confidentiality assured.  

B/G Colombo suburb parents seek suitable partner for daughter fair 5'2" 42 yrs. looks much younger pleasant IT Executive. Differences immaterial. Reply with horoscope Email [email protected]

Buddhist Karawa mother seeks a suitable partner for the daughter 42 years 5'4" fair Accountant in a private Company having own house and other assets.  

Christian Govigama Engineer, 43 years height 5' 6" financially stable balanced personality, non-smoker social drinker seeks intelligent attractive partner very fluent in English with a keen sense of humour well balanced emotions & a quiet disposition. Reply with copy of horoscope (if available) or birth-time and telephone / e-mail / contact number.  

G/B Kandyan respectable educated parents seek honest partner below 30 graduate student professional businessman for pretty daughter U.S. citizen leaving for higher studies music dancing talented. Dowry house Colombo 10 million property, brother doctor, coming Aug. Email [email protected]  

G/B professional parents working and living in New Zealand seek well educated partner below 32 for pretty daughter 26 yrs. B.Sc. Graduate. Parents visiting Sri Lanka in April. Reply immediately with full details and contact telephone number. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents seek tall (over 5'8") kind professional male below 40 yrs for attractive good looking fair 33 yrs 5'4", B.Sc. IT Engineer with Eastern & Western values, settled with own house in U.K. to match Shani in the 7th. Horoscope essential. [email protected]  

Govi Buddhist of highly respectable family background parents both high level professionals, father reputed very senior academic with considerable wealth, seek for their daughter (only child) 31 years 10 months. Brilliant academic performance in U.S.A. now holding postgraduate research fellowship there, very pleasing personality and of good nature, a suitable partner with sober habits and sound character.  

Govi Buddhist parents seek educated partner for pretty accomplished daughter Attorney-at-Law graduate 39 yrs. 5'3" divorced. No encumbrances, innocent party. Assets available. Malefic horoscope. Details horoscope required.  

Govigama / Karawa well connected Catholic parents living in the US seek for their 24 year old pretty, petite well accomplished daughter with Sri Lankan values, doing graduate studies. An educated partner with sober habits. Those studied and living in the USA are preferred. Email: [email protected]  

Kandyan Govi Buddhist retired parents seek a suitable partner for only daughter professional forty two + looks much younger height 5'4" fair pretty smart, never married. Substantial wealth including a house. Details with horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]  

Kandyan Govi Buddhist retired parents seek a suitable partner for only daughter professional forty two + looks much younger height 5'4" fair pretty smart, never married. Substantial wealth including a house. Details with horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]  

K/B parents seek professional partner for pretty accomplished only daughter in U.K., 34, 5'4" inherits substantial wealth including house. Horoscope essential. Registration cancelled before marriage.  

Southern/Govi/Buddhist 5'1", 28, dark, pleasant, kind-hearted ex Montessori teacher NZ PR holder. Presently working/studying @ NZ and lives with her sister's family in Auckland. Kind, mild, concerned gents pls. apply with H/C. [email protected]  



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