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A B/D mother seeks professionally qualified parnter for her slim and attractive daughter 32 yrs, 5'4" MSc in Information-Technology. Employed in a Private Bank as an IT manager. Possesses her own car, valuable land and other assets. Non-malific horoscope. Caste immaterial. E-mail [email protected]

A bride's parent seeks professional son-in-law for daughter 34 attractive 5'3" holds very higher position in Government draws 60,000/= plus official car bungalow and more perks. [email protected]

A Catholic mother seeks kind partner for tall, fair, beautiful, charming, educated daughter, simple qualities, 33, divorced, innocent party, free of encumbrances, differences, assets immaterial, owns assets over 6 mn. Email - [email protected] 

Aunty seeks kind hearted honest tall handsome educated parner sober habits for divorced daughter innocent party plaintiff married one month proposal 36 yrs 5'3" Govi Buddhist extremely fair slim beautiful living in Europe properties in Sri Lanka no encumbrances 40 yrs. below Sri Lankan living in USA Canada Australia considered widowers divorced unmarried without encumbrances may apply. Reply with horoscope. Call 033-2273071 between 9-10 p.m. Information [email protected]

B/D retired parents seek Sinhalese, educated, professional gentleman less than 45 years for their well mannered educated daughter 38 years old, 5' 4" tall, fair, slim, Phd graduate teaching in UK, owns house in London. Shani and Shukra in seventh house. Person in UK or willing to settle down in UK fluent in English preferred. Divorcees considered  with no children and other commitments. Buddhists considered, caste differences immaterial. Reply with horoscope, telephone number to contact and family details. All replies treated confidentially. Reply to [email protected]

B/K father seeks a professionally qualified Buddhist partner, graduate or equivalent for his Engineer daughter, 42, 5' 3" unmarried, pretty, young looking and kind, owns dowry. She is a permanent resident of Australia and wishes to settle in Sri Lanka or Australia after marriage, as per partners opinion. Please respond with contact telephone number or e-mail address.

Brother seeks a suitable partner for Tamil / Catholic sister, fluent in English and Sinhala, 29 years of age, height 5'4" good looking, friendly and caring professionally qualified and working in  a reputed Bank in Colombo, owning property worth nearly 3 million in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. Prefers a partner between the ages 29-35. If interested, please provide full details to [email protected] 

Buddhist parents (Deva) seek a compassionate, professionally qualified partner of good character for their daughter 33 yrs. (5' 1 1/2") slim pretty, smart & employed in the IT field. She is a British citizen (dual) and a Green Card holder and will inherit assets. (Caste immaterial). Send family details horsocope Tel. No. to Email: [email protected]

Buddhist Salagama respectable parents from Colombo  seek a qualified partner (preferably in the medical field in the UK) with sober habits for their pretty daughter 24 yrs. 5'4" fair, slim doing PhD in Biomedical Science in the UK. Please reply with horoscope [email protected]

Educated pleasant lady from Colombo seeking a professional / business, marriage partner with good means. Age between 40 - 48 genuine parties only. Email: [email protected] Telephone 94-77-3228946. MB1536 

Family seeks a committed Christian partner below 34 years of age educated, well employed professional from an English speaking background with no encumbrances for daughter only child, born again Christian, fair, 27 years of age, 5'3" of Sinhala / Burgher parentage. Please reply with contact phone number. 

G/RC Parent seeks professionally qualified tall partner  with sober habits for medium complexioned well employed daughter (CIMA finalist) 24, 5' 4" educated in a leading Colombo school. Dowry  house and property 50 M and cash email: [email protected]

GB parents in UK seek groom more suited for willing to settle abroad Accountant daughter 33 5'3" substantial dowry on holiday. [email protected].
com MB1775 

Moor parents living in UK seek marriage partner for their medically qualified, pretty, slim, pleasant daughter aged 28, 5' 1" and financially secure. She is religious practicing Islam in everyday life, very sociable and independent. We are looking for a kind hearted educated person to be equal in life with her. Please send full details including contact number to [email protected] or contact +44 7715106247 or +94 777726739.

Mother seeks a partner for 36 daughter, upto A/L works for a private firm, owns  house and car Mt Lavinia Govi / Buddhist  horoscope needed Kuja 2. 

Sinhala Chrisitan 37 5'4" employed pretty owns new house differences immaterial. Reply with Tele. No. Email: [email protected]

Sinhalese parents living abroad for over 30 years, with Physician son already married, seek Christian marriage partner in early thirties for professionally qualified daughter, currently employed in the US. Preferably a professional with US, Canadian, UK or Australian citizenship. Reply with details of career, education, family background to Shan [email protected] 

US resident parents B/K/G mother currently residing with Engineer son seeks professional partner (Banking, Engineering, Medical) from here or abroad for daughter 28 very pleasant professional Executive in Colombo. Write with horoscope compatible Kuja 12 assets in millions including cash. [email protected]

Well connected Kandyan Govi Buddhist family seeks partner for good looking fair unmarried sister 50 yrs. working as secretary in reputed place 5'4" tall owns land in Kandy other assets. Reply with horoscope family details. Smart personality. 



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