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Sirimavo Bandaranaike MV Principal Pushpa Kalubowila says...

Swimming MUST be made compulsory subject in schools

Sirimavo Bandaranaike MV a school that has made rapid progress in its 33-year-old history in academic and exrtra curricular activities are in the threshold of launching of a new venture to construct a swimming pool of their own upto international standards.

The foundation stone will be laid by Susil Premajayantha Minister of Education on October 27, 2006.
The estimated cost of the project is rupees thirty million and they hope to complete it in 15 months, which is a challenging task.

For this purpose they are in search of funds and they earnestly hope that the past pupils, well-wishers and parents will come to their assistance. Being situated in the high security zone in Colombo 7, even the parents find access to the school premises a difficult exercise due to the tight security imposed, so the parent-teacher rapport has remained low.

The proposed swimming pool will be of immense importance not only for the school, but also for the neighbouring schools specially girls to enhance their skills.

“Our country is an Island and it is high time that we made swimming a compulsory subject in schools. It will not only help one to be in good physical shape, but help you to save your life if catastrophies like Tsunamies occur in the future. I believe that many who had the ability to swim had saved their lives when disaster struck on that day”, said the principal of the school Pushpa Kalubowila.

A lack of a swimming pool in any school creates a great void for the students as they have to undergo great inconvenience while using a pool which belongs to someone else.

Despite this set back, Piyumi Ekanayake a student of Sirimavo Bandaranaike won a silver medal for swimming in the last SAG in Colombo. Piyumi who spoke at the press briefing held at the Holiday Inn with regard to the massive project, said that a pool of our own is an asset to any swimmer. Usually we are accompanied by our parents to outside swimming pools and a pool of your own could prevent this happening as we get the freedom to swim at will. There will also be continuity of producing more and more swimmers and the encouragement to promote the sport.

The pool will be constructed in a 1,500 sqm plot of land at the school premises adjoining the playground and the principal’s quarters. The dimension of the pool is 25m by 17m including 8 lanes with a kiddies pool. The fund-raising sources are The School Development Society, Old Girls Association, Well-wishers and Education Ministry.


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